The World of Films & Cocktails

After my 1968-1922 film project somebody suggested that I should try to watch a film from each country next.  “Hmm.  And what about a cocktail, too?”

So I spent a few hours googling just to see whether it’s at all feasible.  Are there films from Togo?  Are there cocktails from Yemen?  Yes!  There are films from everywhere, and the Brits have been everywhere, so there are cocktails from everywhere, too.  (Saffron infused gin.  Rose infused gin.  Gin infused gin.)

_1310407Then serious ontological questions started popping up.  “What’s a country?” (I mean, Hong Kong? Tibet?)  “If a film was made somewhere while it was part of another … country, is it from that country?” (Are Tarkovski’s films Russian?) “What does it mean to ‘be from’ a country?”  (Financed there? Filmed there? Filmed in one of the native languages? Filmed by people from the country, but elsewhere? Is  A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night an Iranian or US film?)

All this is getting way too serious, so I decided on the following methodology:

And the same goes for the cocktails, but I’m going to make a brave attempt at finding cocktails that make sense.  (Like, no White Russian for Russia.  Unless I really want to.)

This is going to take a while.

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