My name is Lars Ingebrigtsen. My day job used to be a CTO in banking, but I relax by doing some Emacs work.

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  1. Hi Lars,

    I tried today sending an email to both addresses I have for you but this is what happened:

    : 550: Unrouteable address
    550: : Gone away, no forwarding address known

    Is there a valid address or have you gone into deep cover?

  2. Unable to send you an email :

    : host smtp.uio.no[] said: 550
    : Gone away, no forwarding address known (in
    reply to RCPT TO command)

    And how do we contact you securely. Like GnuPG or Proton or whatever you would be consider safe enough. Like Signal ? Threema ?

  3. Hi Lars

    I just want to thank you for making the blog about Eclipse and Fantagraphics comics. I left teenagehood just as Eclipse were “peaking” and started branching out from my standard Marvel purchasing as the late 80s brought us some interesting “indy” comics and DC’s British author invasion.

    I have recently wondered what the “gems” of that period read like now ( much like your initial reason for making the blog ) so your blog is very useful for providing some critical thinking and plenty of examples from al the series for me to make an informed decision.

    I also like your sense of humour in the writing which doesn’t get in the way of the meaning behind each article.

    Anyway – just a big dollop of appreciation from me. You are not posting words into the ether without them being read and enjoyed.

    A fellow Talking Heads fan…

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