My name is Lars Ingebrigtsen. My day job used to be a CTO in banking, but I relax by doing some Emacs work.

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  1. Hi Lars,

    I tried today sending an email to both addresses I have for you but this is what happened:

    : 550: Unrouteable address
    550: : Gone away, no forwarding address known

    Is there a valid address or have you gone into deep cover?

  2. Unable to send you an email :

    : host smtp.uio.no[] said: 550
    : Gone away, no forwarding address known (in
    reply to RCPT TO command)

    And how do we contact you securely. Like GnuPG or Proton or whatever you would be consider safe enough. Like Signal ? Threema ?

  3. Hi Lars

    I just want to thank you for making the blog about Eclipse and Fantagraphics comics. I left teenagehood just as Eclipse were “peaking” and started branching out from my standard Marvel purchasing as the late 80s brought us some interesting “indy” comics and DC’s British author invasion.

    I have recently wondered what the “gems” of that period read like now ( much like your initial reason for making the blog ) so your blog is very useful for providing some critical thinking and plenty of examples from al the series for me to make an informed decision.

    I also like your sense of humour in the writing which doesn’t get in the way of the meaning behind each article.

    Anyway – just a big dollop of appreciation from me. You are not posting words into the ether without them being read and enjoyed.

    A fellow Talking Heads fan…

  4. Lars, I’m here in the USA and find it almost impossible to find any specific info about the Percy Adlon movie named Zuckerbaby (Sugar Baby) on DVD. I saw it in the movie theatre back in 1985 and was amazed by the work of Johanna Heer (the DP). Unfortunately all those colors and moods she imbued into the movie were lost when the film is viewed on a VHS (which is the version I currently have; but at least it has English subtitles). Do you know if any of the DVD versions of Zuckerbaby (of which I’ve seen a few listed online with different cover art) or the one included with the Percy Adlon 10 DVD box set have English subtitles, or do all of the ones you’ve seen lack this feature? Thank you.

    1. Yes, the cinematography on Zuckerbaby is totally amazing. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t found any DVDs with English subtitles — when I watched it last time, I had a German-speaking friend help me with the bits I didn’t understand myself (I only know a smidgen of German myself). The 10 DVD box does not have English subtitles. If I were do watch it again, I’d rip the DVD and use the subtitles somebody now has posted on Subscene: https://subscene.com/subtitles/zuckerbaby/english/1415960

  5. Thank you for the quick response. It looks like someone put a lot of work into putting that translation together so it matches up with the scene timings of the movie. I”m sure it takes a lot of time to manually add the subtitles to match the timecode placement shown in the text file. If you did this, what program did you use to add them in and do you have any tips to speed up the process?

    1. I didn’t do those subtitles, but, yes, it’s a lot of work. I’ve done subtitles once, and I just used Youtube’s subtitle thing, because it fills out the timing codes automatically — that is, it registers when a piece of dialogue starts and ends, so you “just” have to fill out the text. But it’s still a maddening amount of work — people who do this professionally (or more often as a hobby) must have better tools. But I don’t know what those might be. :-/

  6. Hi Lars,

    Loved your Into the Vortex Series. Turns out they’re making new ones! Would love to see your thoughts on them.

  7. Hey Lars,
    Ever since those mofos at Yahoo deleted my email account — after 15 solid years and not a word of advance warning — I have been starved of your blogs, especially the comix ones. Just found that you are doing Kitchen Sink but cannot find any link to subscribe on any of your blog pages. Yeah, this is weird.
    Please reinstate my daily update to my new email address.

  8. hi,
    Did you managed to contact Lars?I cannot find his correct email anywhere…IF so, can you help me?

  9. Hi Lars,
    Love all of your comic blogs as I have poured over them the last few days! I am trying to find a very obscure comic book that had a cyborg in it and wondered if you might have ever seen something like it? Don’t know the name or the publisher but pretty sure it was Eclipse since it was a mystery bag and most of the others were eclipse and marvel. Anyway, I remember the first page was a guy with long hair telling some aliens or someone to “go to H#LL” and then it shows various panels of them turning him into this cyborg hunter thing, cover had him as this cyborg in a dystopian world. I have looked everywhere and can’t find any information on this and feel it was a one off of either Eclipse of maybe PC. Any help that you might be able to provide would be great, been looking for this for about 20yrs, thank you!

    1. Ah, yes, that sounds familiar… But I can’t put my finger on what it might be. Hm. Annoying! Perhaps somebody else that happens to read this remembers? (It’s happened before on this blog.)

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