The Continuing Story of the Balcony

I had a peek out on the balcony just now (it’s unseasonable warm, fortunately), and this thing was waiting for me:

What on Earth? I did not plant those flowers, so once again something has started growing spontaneously.

Or perhaps there’s a guerrilla balcony plant planter gang terrorising arid balconies?

What is this thing, anyway? Those are pretty flowers.

Not Grass

I had planned on spending all day today reading comics, but I found myself at a garden centre and I bought a rosebushlet, so I thought it was time for me to get weeding the balcony instead (and get the furniture out of storage).

And then it started raining immediately, of course.


The ivy survived from last year, though, so that’s nice.

And I just couldn’t make myself get rid of this thing I asked about the other day, because it’s kinda pretty. And a friend has a friend who’s a grain farmer, and he says this is “rye wheat”, or triticale. It’s a hybrid of wheat and rye… which makes me wonder even more how come it’s growing on my balcony.

I mean, it’s sterile, and it’s not commonly grown in Norway. And I don’t live near any grain fields, anyway.

But now my balcony is all set for summer to arrive! That should happen… any month now…


I haven’t been weeding the balcony this year (June has been cold). So I went out to the balcony for the first time this year and this was what’s out there:

What is that? Grass? It’s a mighty substantial grass.

Is that… some kind of grain? Wheat? Rye? Barley? Am I a farmer for real now?

I should get weeding and wash down the balcony, too, because it’s supposed to get all nice and warm and stuff now.


For the first time ever, I’ve bought annuals, because I thought the balcony thing with the rose bushes looked a bit on the sparse side. I.e., 90% soil.

I may have gone slightly overboard.

The other one is a bit more reasonable. The ivy things will hopefully cover the soil and extend downwards while the rose bush fills out the top bits.

I’m getting so horticultural this year!

Farmer Lars

The last couple of years have had sucky summers so I kinda neglected the balcony. When gardeners go missing, nature happens:

I have no idea what’s growing there, but it’s kinda stingey and I certainly didn’t plant it. So it’s a weed of some kind, but not the fun kind.

So I basically ripped out the topmost layers of the soil and plonked a new rose bush down.

This time I’m going to take care of it! For sure! Watering and everything!

Hm… perhaps I should plonk in some seasonal flowers, too… Gotta take care of the bees…


The other day I noticed some teensy bugs on the balcony.  I first thought they were ants or something, but looking at them more closely, I guess not?

IMG_5929 They’re so small that it’s difficult to get them in focus…

Kill them with fire?

I’ll buy some more poison tomorrow, I think.