A&R1985: Vicki Valentine

(March 2, 2021)

Vicki Valentine (1985) #1-4 by Barbara Rausch and Bill Woggon I definitely had this series as a teenager, but I don’t remember anything about it. Let’s read the first four pages: Oh, this was originally planned as a one-shot? But was expanded into a quarterly series, which I take to mean that the first issue … Continue reading A&R1985: Vicki Valentine

A&R1985: Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin

(March 1, 2021)

Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin (1985) #1-5 by Gene Day and others Gene Day died in 1982, but left behind a number of half-finished projects. This series collects these bits and bobs along with other pieces already published in fanzines, as well as new comics from friends of Day. It’s a pretty unique series in that … Continue reading A&R1985: Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin

A&R1985: Valentino

(February 28, 2021)

Valentino (1985) #1-3 by Valentino I remember this comic well from when I was a teenager. It seemed fresh and new and original: An autobio comic. Now, this isn’t exactly the first autobio comic ever: I think people usually point to the Binky Brown thing by Justin Green, and there had then been a bunch … Continue reading A&R1985: Valentino

A&R1985: Cerebus Jam

(February 27, 2021)

Cerebus Jam (1985) #1 by Dave Sim, Gerhard and others Huh. How did I end up with two copies of this? Anyway, this is the first “new series” published after Deni Loubert left Aardvark-Vanaheim, so Dave Sim does the introduction. Cerebus Jam had previously (much previously) been announced as a bi-monthly title, but I guess … Continue reading A&R1985: Cerebus Jam

A&R1984: Flaming Carrot Comics

(February 26, 2021)

Flaming Carrot Comics (1984) #1-4, Flaming Carrot Comics (1985) #5, Flaming Carrot Comics (1985) #6-17 by Bob Burden I think I said in a previous post in this blog series that the only Aardvark-Vanaheim book I didn’t buy as a teenager was normalman? I’d forgotten about Flaming Carrot: I only got a couple of issues … Continue reading A&R1984: Flaming Carrot Comics

A&R1984: A-V in 3-D

(February 24, 2021)

A-V in 3-D (1984) #1 by Lots of People The publisher explains that this comic is a sampler to introduce the new line of Aardvark-Vanaheim comics to the public… but it was published a lot later than planned, so it’s not really that much of an introduction. Hey! This Ms. Tree strip was reprinted in … Continue reading A&R1984: A-V in 3-D

A&R1984: Ms. Tree

(February 22, 2021)

Ms. Tree (1984) #10-15, Ms. Tree (1985) #16-18, Ms. Tree (1985) #19-50, Ms. Tree 3-D (1985) #1 by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty with Gary Kato I covered the first ~ten issues of Ms. Tree over at the Eclipse Blog, but I didn’t re-read the Aardvark-Vanaheim/Renegade comics at that time. I did mostly have … Continue reading A&R1984: Ms. Tree

A&R1984: normalman

(February 17, 2021)

normalman (1984) #1-7, normalman (1985) #8, normalman (1985) #9-12, normalman Annual (1986) #1 by Valentino I bought everything that Aardvark-Vanaheim released as a teenager… except normalman. I think I had one issue? And then decided “nuh-uh”. But teenagers have been wrong before, right? Perhaps this is one of those times? THE TENSION MOUNTS Deni soon-to-be-Loubert-again … Continue reading A&R1984: normalman

A&R1983: Cerebus #51-80

(February 16, 2021)

Cerebus (1983) #51-80 by Dave Sim and Gerhard I started reading Cerebus with #49 (when I was 15), so you can imagine how confused I was in the first couple of issues. But then a new story started, and things were a lot easier to make sense of. Well, slightly more. I re-read the High … Continue reading A&R1983: Cerebus #51-80

A&R1983: Journey

(February 14, 2021)

Journey (1983) #1-14 by William Messner-Loebs I covered this book when doing Fantagraphics, so I’m not going to write about it again: It’s really tempting to re-read it, though… It’s totally spiffy. This blog post is part of the Renegades and Aardvarks series.

A&R1983: Neil the Horse Comics and Stories

(February 13, 2021)

Neil the Horse Comics and Stories (1983) #1-10, Neil The Horse Comics and Stories (1984) #11-15 by Arn Saba with Barbara Rausch, David Roman and others Ah, Neil the Horse. I was (counts on finger) 15 when I read the first issue of Neil the Horse, and I was absolutely enthralled. It was love at … Continue reading A&R1983: Neil the Horse Comics and Stories

A&R1982: Michael T. Gilbert’s Strange Brew

(February 11, 2021)

Michael T. Gilbert’s Strange Brew (1982) #1 by Michael T. Gilbert and others This is the first non-Dave Sim comic Aardvark-Vanaheim has published, and it’s in a somewhat strange format: It’s the same height as Cerebus, but a couple of centimetres wider — so the form factor is more like a magazine, but smaller. It’s … Continue reading A&R1982: Michael T. Gilbert’s Strange Brew

A&R1981: Cerebus #26-50

(February 10, 2021)

Cerebus (1981) #26-50 by Dave Sim We (that is, I) continue our (that is, my) (re-)reading of Renegade/Aardvark-Vanaheim with the second batch of Cerebus comics — the High Society sequence. (Hopefully with fewer parentheses per paragraph than this one (right).) I started reading Cerebus with issue #49 (when I was 14), which is the 24th … Continue reading A&R1981: Cerebus #26-50

A&R1977: Cerebus #1-25

(February 9, 2021)

Cerebus (1977) #1-25 by Dave Sim I started reading Cerebus with issue 49, in 1983, and I was 14, and I read Cerebus until it ended some decades later. At first I thought Sim sounded like a pretty smart cookie, but by the time I was 16, I realised that he was just a bundle … Continue reading A&R1977: Cerebus #1-25

Renegades & Aardvarks

(February 8, 2021)

I’ve been doing these blog series for the last few years where I’m re-reading comics from the 80s: First I did Fantagraphics, because I really wanted to re-read Love & Rockets one more time, and then the whole idea of setting up a challenge appealed to me: I was going to (re-)read all the pamphlets … Continue reading Renegades & Aardvarks