DSC01653I got some chawklits from Iceland…

DSC01654My, that’s a handsome box…

DSC01655These are from Omnom in Iceland.  They have a pretty annoying web site.  Lots of lightbox popups…

DSC01656And Iceland isn’t known for their great chocolate.  To put it mildly.  But these ones are really delish.  Subtle and complex cocoa.  Nom.  Om nom.

The Book Review Club

I started off doing the cocktail thing basically off of Wikipedia, but I soon got The Essential Bartender’s Guide. It’s not a guide to essential bartenders, as you might have guessed, but a guide to making cocktails.

I really like it. It’s very opinionated. It describes frozen margaritas as an “abomination”, if I remember correctly. It might be wrong, it might be right, but it’s more entertaining reading a recipe book that has opinions than something that’s a “neutral” guide.

The only problem is that it doesn’t shy away from using obscure types of booze for delicious-sounding cocktails, so you end up with an excessive collection of bottles:

When this project is completed, I’m going to have somewhat of an excess of … stuff.

I sense a cocktail party coming sometime this summer to get rid of all this alcohol.

New Menu Fad Detected

Here in Utah, I have detected a new menu fad. I think. At least I can’t recall seeing this before anywhere:


So basically, they’re warning us that undercooked meat is dangerous. (And please no personal checks).

Ok… But I’m at a restaurant. I don’t want them to undercook my meat.

But there’s an asterisk. And what items are asterisked (that should be a word):


Err… meats… and mussels… and cheese… but cheese with meat…  And there’s bacon in the mussels!

They’re asterisking all meat dishes!  Which is (in Utah) basically all dishes.  Even the cheese and the mussels.

But not the potato chips.  Seems like a missed opportunity.

Anyway.  Is this just in Utah?  New law?  Did somebody get sick?

The wording on most menus is similar, but unclear.  “Undercooking your meat is baaad”.  But it doesn’t actually say “these are dishes that may contain undercooked meat, so if you die after eating them, it’s all your own fault”, which is probably what they mean.

America is so complicated.