Bookshelf Porn

I enjoy those shelf porn posts that pop up from time to time (“Ooo! Books! Comics! Avarice!”) so I thought I’d do one, too, since I just got this fabulous bookcase and is just about finished sorting stuff out to put in it.

But first I had to rip out the baseboard so that the shelf could fit neatly to the wall. Look at this awesome wallpaper design I found behind it:

So awesome.

Wall ready.

Shelf installed!

Yes, it’s the same colour as that car down there.

Most of these comics have been living in shortboxes in a cupboard for the last few years, and the problem is, of course, how to select the stuff I want to stare at in the living room. You have to have some kind of system, don’t you? Yes. So I went for…

Japanese comics.

Raw and Raw-associated stuff.

Alternative weeklies.

Pap-pap comics.

And Drawn & Quarterly, Uncivilized, Picturebox and stuff like that. Leaving most Fantagraphics stuff to languish in the bookcase in the office.

And while rooting and sorting, I inevitably found an entire stack of comics that I’ve bought twice (or more). Does everybody do this? I think I’ll drag them over to the used bookstore.

Since I’m re-buying (and the re-reading without knowing) so many comics, perhaps I should just consciously re-read comics more. And since they’re now prominently displayed within arms reach (I have long arms), perhaps that’s going to happen.


Storage Cubed

I wanted more storage for comics, but I just couldn’t find anything that really fit the only vacant wall space I had in the office.  So I bought 21 of these small Ikea bookshelf box things.  In November.

And today I finally completed the project by making one of the boxes into a computer…  cabinet…

_1310200 _1310201 _1310205 _1310206

These boxes aren’t very…  solid…  So honeycomb.

_1310202  _1310208

That looks totally safe, doesn’t it?  Sure.


Pimping the space where I hung the monitor…


My main concern was that it would look totally like a storage cabinet, and…  it… kinda doesn’t?

But it’s an office, after all.  Sort of.


Oh, this is what the contents look like.  I was a bit worried that the wall would just collapse.  The wall is apparently a 2cm thick particle board (or similar), and then 3cm insulation, and then brick.  Drilling all the way into the brick wasn’t practical, so all these cubes are just screwed right into the particle board.  (There’s no support from the floor; they’re all hanging.)

But it hasn’t collapsed yet, so I guess it’s not going to.

My New Furniture Blog

It’s some sort of christian holiday here this long weekend (Presumption?  Assumption?), and it’s kinda almost spring-like, so I’ve been getting the balcony into shape.  Which inevitably means that I ended up at the garden center.  This time to buy a new chair-ey/table-ish thing.  I just had to buy this one:

stool1 stool2 stool3

It’s so nautical.  Which is perfect for Norway this spring.  Rain, rain, rain.

The End of an Ear

I moved to a bigger apartment like five years ago.  “Hey!  Finally I can have access to all my precious belongings!  Preciouses!!!”

But time passes, and I tend to accrue more precious belongings, so I have to start putting stuff down into the basement storage room thingie.

And I settled on the CDs.  Since I rip everything to flac, I don’t really use the physical copies much.  Only when I want to stare at the booklet.

CDs tightly packed into Ikea drawers

There were rather more CDs than I had imagined, because I’d packed them really tight.

DSC01039 DSC01041

Which meant a lot of boxes.

Now I just have to carry 300kg (that’s about 9000 square pounds in Imperials, I think) down five floors.

Oy, my back.

My New Home Decorating Blog

I’ve got a lot of thingamabobs that need charging now and then. But rooting out the adapters and finding a vacant wall socket is boring, so I thought I’d make a permanent charging station.

Finding a power strip that you can plug in all those wall warts is a bit of a challenge, because the adapters are often so big that you can’t place two next to each other.

But then I found this wonder:


In addition to having 12 plugs, three each on each side, it also has a convenient on/off button, so that I can switch all the adapters completely off, so they don’t even leech a single mW while not in use.

And it fits nicely into one of these Ikea book cases (with a door to hide the ugly).


That was today’s home decorating tip.