Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to dry his clothes.

This yearning made the last owners of this apartment put up a standard Ikea clothes cabinet in the bathroom with a heater in a cage at the bottom.

Which is ok.


Look at these … thingies I’m supposed to hang the clothes to dry on:

They are short and pointy.  They’re too short to hang a t-shirt over.

If I hang a t-shirt that way, the pointy end makes a really noticeable and semi-permanent bulge in the t-shirt.  So I have to fold them, which makes a crease in the drying shirt.

I just canna be done!

(And if you’re about to suggest that I should use a dryer to dry t-shirts that have prints on them, there’s only one possibly answer: Sirrah, I’m not an animal!)

So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to alter this thing into something usable.

Ideally, I would have liked to have wider, non-metal … sticks … sticking out of the cupboard.  But I couldn’t really see a way to do that that would be nice.  Fastening … sticks … to the back of the cupboard would be doable, but making them stick out in a predictable fashion seems quite difficult, if I want to use the entire depth of the cupboard.  And I have to, otherwise they won’t be long enough to hang stuff.

So I came up the the brilliant idea of just buying a bunch of broomsticks and mounting them the other way.

Saw saw saw:

Drill baby drill.  I ran out of the fastener things, though, so I couldn’t get all the broomstick handle thingies up.  There’s a chain store here that sells just the right kind, and I emptied out the stock from three different branches.  I mean.  Don’t they get people making drying cabinets from broomstick handles every day?  Some chains are just so inconsiderate.

Look!  Clothes!  Drying!

It works!

I mean…

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