Couture: The End

I’m done experimenting with printing t-shirts for this year, at least.  Certain rooms of the apt. are kinda chaotic while I’m printing, so it gets kinda frustrating as the months pass…  And I’ve been busy with other stuff this time, so it’s taken quite a while.

DSC01891 DSC01890 DSC01889

(MST3K is very important when printing t-shirts.)

DSC01894 DSC01893 DSC01892

Cheese, too.

Anyway, for the final shirt I wanted to revisit the first design I did this year, but try to do it successfully.  In my previous attempt, I didn’t wash the screen properly, so I got unclear edges.  I think I’ve figured out the solution to that problem now (washing the screen, letting it dry, and wash it again), so I wanted to print a good shirt.

Again, this fine figure of a zebra/man is by Lisa Hanwalt:

DSC01897Gah!  I got some wash-out.

Fine lines are hard.

But I’ve got screen filler and a brush!  Perhaps I can re-draw the lines, even though I’m exceedingly drunk at this point… DSC01898Draw draw and dry dry..

DSC01899That’s a kinda punk rock right arm and a very elegant left arm.  Oh, well.

That’s it.  Time to pack up.

Couture: Mariscal

DSC01887Yup.  Mariscal.  Very cozy.  But I wanted to experiment with mixing colours on the screen…

DSC01888Hm…  I dunno…  That’s not a good colour combination.  It does look a bit better in person than on the picture, though.

I saw a video of somebody using this technique, but with a thinner paint so that the border area between the colours got a natural gradient.  The paint I’m using is too thick for that though.


Couture: Caro Again

I found this scan from last year that I hadn’t used yet.  It’s by Caro, and (again) it’s from an early issue of Raw Magazine.


Hey! Another perfect exposure! I seem to have cracked the code, at least on smaller screens.  For larger screens, I’m still getting uneven exposures and wash-off at the edges…

DSC01880Yay.  Good print.  Now what can I do to experiment…  Hm…  Hey, I bought some fluorescent paint today:

DSC01881Eurhm.  That doesn’t really work as a single layer.  It needs to have a white layer underneath it…  Hm…  Perhaps I could try to do a registered print?  This is a pretty small image, so perhaps it’ll work…

Nope.  After applying a white layer and then curing it, the shirt shrinks like half a centimeter.  So doing registered prints has to be done before curing the first layer, perhaps?

Instead I did a very-off-register print with a second, red layer:


(Notice how the red is off by half a cm at the left edge and a cm at the right edge.)

That’s kinda a thing.  Hm.


Couture: Alpha

After doing so many printing experiments based on comics, I thought it might be nice to do one based on a film.

Like Alphaville.

DSC01864Eh.  The screen for the lamp turned out … not very good.

DSC01876The eye was kinda successful, but kinda more creepy than I expected.  Yeesh.

Oh well.