Couture: Supplies

I went to an art supplies store and got screen printing supplies.  Very nice shop.

The thing I’m missing now is 1) better transparencies and or a better printer and 2) a light source to do the exposure of the photo emulsion.

IMG_5413I’ve ordered some “digital negative” transparencies from the interwebs, so I’ll have to wait for those. But meanwhile, I bought some OHP transparencies from the Panduro hobby store just to see what would happen:

IMG_5415These are supposedly “laser/inkjet” transparencies, but they come out of the printer dripping wet and curled up.  Not very promising, but the black is very black, so perhaps it’s possible to use these if I’m super-careful about letting them dry for half an hour before touching them…

For the light source, I need something like a 150-250W incandescent light source.  So I went to a photo store and told them about my project, and they said that nothing they had seemed usable because of “colour correctness” or stuff.

Which seems odd.  A 250W incandescent lamp is a 250W incandescent lamp, isn’t it?  Anyway, I’ve just ordered some 150W bulbs off of the net, and I’ll use a desk lamp, and see how that works…



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