TSP1994: Visions of Heaven and Hell

Hey!  It’s time for that yearly Google session to try to find the missing films for my Tilda Swinton project. Unfortunately, nothing new seems to be available (although The Dilapidated Dwelling seems to have been available on Youtube for a bit of time before being deleted).  Boo!

But a kind reader had pointed me towards the last two episodes of Visions of Heaven and Hell on Youtube, so I saw that one, at least.  One more down.

TSP2016: Hail, Caesar

Oh, CGI. Boo.

So colour corrected.

Hail, Caesar. Ethan Coen. 2016.

Hm… on the one hand, this film is very much like if Mel Brooks wanted to make a Wes Anderson movie. On the other hand, there are fun scenes like the Gene Kelly sailor scene. On the fourth hand, there’s the horrible CGI-looking (even if it might not have been) version of the Busby Berkeley scene.

So… not firing on all cylinders, but have any Coen film ever done that? Very, very good-natured, though. It’s like almost very good.

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TSP1986: Zastrozzi: A Romance

I’m apparently part of the Tilda Swinton Underground now, where we swap rare, unavailable Tilda Swinton TV series and shorts.

Or something. In any case, I got a copy of this 1986 British TV series from a kind reader. It’s rather good. Bits of it are brilliant. And some bits, er, aren’t. Have a peek here.

shot0107 png

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