4 thoughts on “TSP1986: Zastrozzi: A Romance”

  1. Hi, My name Is Jinjin Tao, I’m currently fascinated with Percy Shelley’s work, particularly with his early gothic novel Zastrozzi. I am just so eager to know every thing relative to it, especially the 1986 mini drama, but as you pointed out, it’s very rare.

    So may you let me know whether I can buy a digital copy of it?

    I’m sorry if this email bother you, I can not be sure, maybe is about love, I desperate with the love to my ex-girlfriend, but I am sure it won’t go down to the tragedy like the one in the book.

    Wish you have a good day, Miss.

    1. I’ll just put the files somewhere where you can download it for free. Send me an email at larsi@gnus.org and I’ll send you a link.

      Perhaps I should just upload these to Youtube, since it’s a shame that they’re not available anywhere…

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