A Hotel Room With A View

(July 12, 2024)

Nice, eh? On the other hand, the pilot was so obliging as to take us on a sight-seeing trip before landing, so whatevs.

But what am I going to do with my travel anvil?

(July 11, 2024)

Those eternal questions

(June 29, 2024)


(June 29, 2024)

It’s Batido de Mangoin’ Time!

(June 27, 2024)

It Doesn’t Always Rain in Norway

(June 25, 2024)

Is this a good sign?

(June 13, 2024)

In case you wondered what the upbringing of somebody who went on to write a Michael Jackson musical was like

(May 25, 2024)

What Does This Mean!

(May 22, 2024)

I mean, the “parking forbidden” part is clear… but what does that rectangle below mean? “Not if you’re parallel parking”? I HAVE NO IDEA


(May 8, 2024)

I do indeed rip all blurays before watching, so this is correct, but I’ve never seen one of these before — it’s a separate file on the bluray containing just this text for a few minutes. Presumably it’s not linked from the bluray menu, so you’d not be able to see this file if you’re … Continue reading *gasp*

Yes, these exercises are getting hard

(April 30, 2024)

Perhaps the French sentence was just too blasphemous and the person who was responsible for translating it to English had a heart attack?

Scandinavian Representation in French Culture

(April 15, 2024)


(April 13, 2024)

Modernist Graffiti

(April 13, 2024)

Wrong Scale

(April 11, 2024)

Tactical Fashion Wear

(April 11, 2024)

I assume Trina is getting royalties from this

(April 10, 2024)


(April 9, 2024)


(April 9, 2024)

Fashion has gone too far this time!

What Would The Kwisatz Haderach Do?

(April 8, 2024)


(April 7, 2024)

Nightmare Visions

(April 6, 2024)

Barbie Discourse

(April 6, 2024)


(April 6, 2024)

Forest Sounds

(April 4, 2024)

City sounds.


(April 3, 2024)

The Forbidden Fountain

(March 4, 2024)

That’s what I always say

(January 18, 2024)

Something tells me I should have moved my car to the garage after all

(January 18, 2024)

But what?

I may have forgotten to do something on the balcony this autumn…

(January 4, 2024)

… but what!? I guess I’ll never know.

Augmented Reality

(October 24, 2023)

Well then… you should fix it? HOW IT THIS MY PROBLEM

(October 22, 2023)

Michelin Stars

(October 21, 2023)


(October 20, 2023)

Philosophical Conundrums

(October 15, 2023)

I’m Sure This Scheme Makes Sense

(October 15, 2023)

I’m mostly fascinated by the “A” flats, but it’s all wonderful. Especially Room 101.

How About “No”

(October 14, 2023)

My New Trends In Hotel Decor Blog

(October 13, 2023)


(September 9, 2023)


(September 9, 2023)

Drill, Baby, Drill

(September 8, 2023)

How Kind, I’m Sure

(September 7, 2023)

Nobody has ever done this before, I’m sure

(September 5, 2023)

Show Show

(September 5, 2023)


(September 5, 2023)

France vs Ukraine

(September 4, 2023)


(September 3, 2023)

So I took an uptown R that stopped on the lower N platform instead.

I need this everywhere

(September 1, 2023)


(September 1, 2023)

Well I never!

(August 31, 2023)

Asking The Hard Questions

(August 31, 2023)

Jazz Show?

(August 31, 2023)


(August 31, 2023)

Life Hack

(August 31, 2023)

Advertising Is Forever

(August 30, 2023)

It just gets worse the further you read

(August 30, 2023)

Water Landscape

(August 29, 2023)

This Statement Is Usually True

(August 28, 2023)


(August 24, 2023)

So what does K Kawai pianos look like?

Design Hack

(August 24, 2023)

This language app is getting into a difficult territory

(August 2, 2023)

“Yes… fascinating…”

(July 30, 2023)


(July 24, 2023)

So I Went To A Nearby Town

(July 6, 2023)

I opened my laptop, started Chrome, and one of the tabs had Youtube stats open. Google told me this: Such sensitive. So they want me to go back to Oslo before accessing the stats page? Well OK.

Room With A View

(April 4, 2023)

Different Mood

(March 30, 2023)


(March 30, 2023)

A Balcony With A View

(March 29, 2023)

No Sci-Fi

(March 28, 2023)


(February 22, 2023)

The biggest mystery in musical history is why there were so many songs called “Martin” released over a few short years. I’ve got albums with at least four: Tom Robinson Band (77). Tom Robinson (81). So this is a kind of followup to the first one, I guess. Soft Cell (83). But this is a … Continue reading “Martin”

I Need More Screwdrivers

(February 15, 2023)

But what is this? It’s mighty mysterious. And this is an… electromagnetic radiation tester? Is that something I need? (I’m tidying up the Cupboard of Tools and Mysteries.)


(September 13, 2022)

Let’s Play… Scam Or Not?

(September 9, 2022)

Spammers and scammers are flooding the mail system with fake messages that are, for instance, “from DHL”. Just by sending out an enormous amount of messages, they will inevitably hit somebody who’s actually waiting for a DHL package and possibly get the scam rolling. Some people leap to the conclusion that there must be a … Continue reading Let’s Play… Scam Or Not?


(August 6, 2022)


(July 30, 2022)

My New Ornithology Blog

(July 14, 2022)

For weeks, there’s been a pair of seagulls attacking people walking on the sidewalk below here, and also making a swoop or two at me whenever I get out on my balcony: They’re pretty reliable — whenever I go on the balcony, that one will make two (I’m sure very threatening swoops) at me, and … Continue reading My New Ornithology Blog

Banding Horror

(July 13, 2022)

Lighting Out for the Territories

(November 3, 2021)

Two Ads Presented Without Comment

(October 28, 2021)

Damn Autocorrect

(October 7, 2021)

How To

(October 4, 2021)

The photographer Sony’s hired artfully instructs us how to live. This is the correct posture for adjusting sofa pillows, clearly. And here’s how you do the dishes. I’m looking forward to the next Sony product so the photographer can teach us more about life and how to live it.

Damn Autocorrect

(October 4, 2021)

Community Standards

(September 9, 2021)

From time to time, people send me email about not being able to link to this blog from Facebook. They get: And… I know! But I have no idea why — I’ve never posted a link to the site myself on Facebook. (I think I’ve made two Facebook posts in my life; I don’t use … Continue reading Community Standards


(February 13, 2021)

Today’s Copyright Claim

(January 30, 2021)

A while back, I digitised a bunch of VHS tapes I had made in the early 90s and uploaded the interesting bits to Youtube. So, of course, the copyright claims started streaming in, but they all kinda made sense? I mean, I don’t own any of this material, and if EMI doesn’t want people to … Continue reading Today’s Copyright Claim


(November 6, 2020)

John King At Home

(November 5, 2020)

As we already know, this soup is under seasoned, so I asked you to send me the salt, and bear with me, you sent me the salt, and I added this salt to the soup and then, as we all know, I sent the salt back to you. Now, this means that my soup should … Continue reading John King At Home


(November 5, 2020)


(November 4, 2020)

A Panel From A Comic Book Presented Without Comment

(October 4, 2020)

Possibly The Most Unnecessary Thing I’ve Ever Bought

(September 28, 2020)

My New Innovations in Packaging Blog

(August 7, 2020)

So I’m opening packages, and out of an envelope this drops: Hi, Jack! Wut? Oh, it’s a record cover used as packaging: Reuse before recycle! (Oh, it was used as packaging for this classic comic by Lee Marrs):


(July 14, 2020)

So… is “keep less relevant ads” the answer when you don’t want Twitter to use that extensive file on you that I’m sure they’re already maintaining?

Home Renovations

(June 28, 2020)

So, I’ve got this chair on the balcony, and it’s got this brilliant design…. See if you can detect the minor irritating problem here. 1, 2… Yes, exactly. So whenever the weather turns nice and I want to sit down in it, there’s usually still a puddle there, and I can’t just tip it over … Continue reading Home Renovations

I Am So Observant

(May 22, 2020)

They’ve been … grinding away at the stairs in this building for the last few days. The house is from the late 1800s, and (apparently unusually) the tiles in the stairwell are made from concrete, not ceramics. So they’re porous, and grow ever-more dirty over the years? I’m not an expert. I didn’t know that … Continue reading I Am So Observant

My New Exnovations in Packaging Blog

(April 18, 2020)

Oh boy oh boy! I braved the throngs of shuffling zombies I mean panting jogging sportspeople to go to the post office to collect a biiig package from Staples: (Orange for scale.) What could it be!? It was… some Post-It index flags (the primary and vital tool for my comics blog). Thanks, Staples! Your packing … Continue reading My New Exnovations in Packaging Blog

Is This The Kind Of Thing You Should Be Worried About Finding On The Back Stairs?

(April 6, 2020)


(March 19, 2020)

Did You Ever Wonder What It Would Look Like If You Pointed A Lamp Down Into A Scanner And Then Scanned?

(March 17, 2020)

No? But now you know.

Stockpiling the Essentials

(March 13, 2020)

Strict Lamp Policies

(February 10, 2020)

I bought a lamp the other day. I had no idea what I had signed up for! “Failure to do so will be punished according to the current national legislation.” Is this what they call a zero-click license agreement?


(December 27, 2019)

Blinded by the neighbour’s house.


(September 2, 2019)

Chirp Chirp

(August 25, 2019)

I put Violin Phase by Steve Reich on, and immediately four little birds congregated on the balcony, looking pensive and confused. (The fourth is hidden behind the speaker.) Coincidence or happenstance? You be the judge.

Sunday Morning Evidence

(August 25, 2019)

… of what drunks in this neighborhood drink.

Washed Away

(July 28, 2019)

As we saw in the previous episode of this mysterious saga, the pigeons had left the nest on my balcony, and just a few days later, I finally got my gloves and washing supplies off and started to scrub down the nesty area. The pigeons hadn’t pooped much on the chair-like object… … or indeed … Continue reading Washed Away

Empty Nest

(July 25, 2019)

As we saw in the previous episode, some pigeons had laid an egg on my balcony the day before I left for Barcelona. I saw one pigeon sitting on the egg quite happily, too. But now I’m back, and here’s what’s on the balcony now: No pigeon! No egg! Some feathers! What happened? I mean, … Continue reading Empty Nest


(July 15, 2019)

For some days now, while I’ve been on the couch, programming, this guy has been sitting pensively on the balcony: Not really doing anything, other than looking at me once a while: Hi there! I didn’t really think much about it, and everything looked normal out on the balcony (which I haven’t used this summer). … Continue reading Lodgers

End of an Ear

(July 11, 2019)

Hey, I forgot to mention that last week was my final day at the job I’d been at for… 22? years, but I’ve now assembled a souvenir from the library I put together while I was there: So I’m no longer a bankster, and I have to figure out what I’m going to do when … Continue reading End of an Ear


(June 12, 2019)

New York Times, patch.

wordpress.com is annoying

(April 21, 2019)

I’ve got some blogs hosted on wordpress.com, and when I looked at the stats for one of them today, this thing popped up: Wha… My blog isn’t “set up” unless I signed up for some weird Google product? When I click on that link I get this: There’s no way to say “I don’t fucking … Continue reading wordpress.com is annoying

Not Dishwasher Safe

(January 11, 2019)

Some Kenwood attachments parts aren’t dishwasher safe. Guess which one! (Yes, they were both equally shiny before going into the dishwasher.)

Automated Turn-On Logic

(January 10, 2019)

He gave her a room full of Chippendales that nobody sits in

(December 29, 2018)

In the continuing series of blog posts about misunderstanding lyrics:


(December 6, 2018)

I cracked open a paperback of The Incrementalists by Steven Brust and Skyler White and: Huh, apparently a child had been checking whether their pen worked? Oh well, that’s what happens when you buy used books. And then I flipped to the back cover: Uhm. Right. Are either Brust or White doctors, by any chance?

My New “Trends In Packaging” blog

(December 1, 2018)

As previously seen here, we’re all about packaging. The new trend in packaging 12″ EPs is:

The Business Dealings of the Lesser-Known Koch Brothers

(November 24, 2018)

The Award for the Most 1986 Comics Ad of 1986 Goes To…

(November 23, 2018)

Cleanroom Development

(October 30, 2018)

A Scene From Parts Unknown Presented Without Comment

(October 28, 2018)


(October 9, 2018)

Best Size Specification Ever

(August 5, 2018)

I was going to buy that book it if it were 13-43/64″ wide, but 13-41/64″ is just an insult! Pah! “Monster sized.” Puny!

That’s Totally a UFO

(August 4, 2018)

Stamped Box

(August 1, 2018)

Hey! I got a package from France with the most stamps ever! Just look at it! Such variety! I’m very impressed. The contents are even better. It’s the Éric Rohmer bluray/DVD box set. The Intégrale. That sounds much classier than “complete edition box set”. I mean, if that’s what it means? The French are so … Continue reading Stamped Box

Innovations in Balcony Furniture

(July 28, 2018)

It’s been a very pleasant summer here (I’m not even wearing a sweater now), so I’ve been spending a lot of time out on the balcony in the evening. I’ve had this chair for yonks, but it has two problems: 1) it’s not that comfy, and 2) it’s too tall. The house I’m in is … Continue reading Innovations in Balcony Furniture

Concert Diary: Rockefeller

(July 18, 2018)

Dear concert diary. Today I went to a Slowdive concert, mostly because Lost Girls were the opening act. They were great, and so were Slowdive, but the experience was somewhat marred by the odour of the venue. Rockefeller is the foundational concert venue in Oslo. t’s always been somewhat whiffy: If you don’t stand in … Continue reading Concert Diary: Rockefeller

Fighting Thirst…

(July 15, 2018)

… and capitalism at the same time.

Home Renovations

(May 26, 2018)

I’m not er very well versed in the mysteries of balcony furniture. But I bought this slatted thing years ago and it’s gotten sadder every year. And not it looks like this: Something had to be done! So I rummaged around in the Cupboard of Mysteries and found this: That I’m pretty sure I’ve never … Continue reading Home Renovations

Dear Interweb

(April 21, 2018)

I was listening to an old mix tape the other day, and I happened upon this song: I can’t for the life of me figure out who this song might be by.  Shazam doesn’t recognise it and I can’t find any of the text snippets on Google (“dreams of what could be if you love … Continue reading Dear Interweb


(February 17, 2018)

I got a letter with this insert: “Received damaged from abroad”. Destruction! From Australia! Or… Was it pre-destroyed? Hm… Hm!

The Best Countries

(January 24, 2018)

A while back, I watched a film and drank a cocktail from each country on Earth, but it occurred to me just now that I had never done any visualisation of where on Earth the good movies and drinks are. Since I had the data semi-readible available, I whipped up some charts. Here’s the film … Continue reading The Best Countries

Further Trends in Packaging

(January 16, 2018)

I got a package today that had this mysterious item… Epic unpackaging: It’s a cassette! Inside a cardboard thingie! It’s the latest thing.

Electric Cars

(January 1, 2018)

(Carl Barks, 1955.)

Quiz Time

(December 6, 2017)

Guess what this is! . . . If your guess was “smoked eel marzipan”, then you were correct. Mmm… marzipan… Those wacky Germans… A bit disappointing that it’s neither smoky nor fishy, though.

Surprise Twin Peaks Crossover

(October 1, 2017)

Did anybody wonder how Phillip Jeffries in Twin Peaks s3 ended up as a tea kettle? |(From Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson and Bill Walsh, 1952.)


(September 17, 2017)

I’m making an effort to tidy up the upstairs Storage Locker of Doom.  It’s been accruing stuff for a decade and is now officially full. Amongst the general effluvia is a succession of discarded storage solutions (i.e., external disks and RAID systems), and there’s nothing sadder than a 512GB USB2 disk from 2007.  So I’m … Continue reading Wiping

Giant Cranes

(June 18, 2017)

I’m just wondering: Are the giant cranes multiplying? Every time I look there seems to be more of them

Dear Interwebs

(May 4, 2017)

Does a product that adds some level of organisasation to shelves like the one above exist? I need to know because reasons.

The Future is Here

(May 2, 2017)

The electric utility people came by to install those new-fangled wifi-enabled power meters today. After power-cycling my flat (only one device died!) all my computers are up again and I had a peek at the installation. So… there’s that thing. I assume that’s a wifi antenna? Mounted on the door? Wat… Oh, how elegant and … Continue reading The Future is Here

I’m Pretty Sure I Didn’t Agree To This

(April 24, 2017)

I’m pretty sure I haven’t ordered powdered peanut butter

(April 7, 2017)


(March 12, 2017)

I’m resampling a lot of vinyl these days (because I got a spiffy record player and the earliest albums I sampled back in the 90s I only have in mp3 (and crappy mp3 at that), and I have to have everything in flac). You know. It makes sense. So the other day I was sampling … Continue reading Groovy

Twitter Translates

(March 12, 2017)

I just noticed that Twitter helpfully offers to translate twitterers: Well, that’s reasonable… That’s…  a guess, I guess? !?!?!1? To conclude: The AI revolution isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Mystery Object

(March 3, 2017)

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days, but today I finally made my way to the post office and collected various packages.  Among these was a package from a store I had ordered a bunch of LED lighting strips for the kitchen. Included was this pink mystery USB object, not mentioned … Continue reading Mystery Object

It’s Xmas Again

(February 25, 2017)

Time To Defrost The Fridge?

(November 27, 2016)

Well, That’s Depressing

(November 9, 2016)

So here’s  a picture of a cat drinking milk.


(August 12, 2016)

I went to a rainy and cold festival today.  Got dressed up in total rain gear, but when leaving the flat I apparently blanked completely:

last.fm scrobbling problems

(January 15, 2016)

The past few months, I’ve noticed that only a fraction of the music I’ve been playing has been scrobbling on last.fm.  But I just put this down to general last.fm flakiness — I think everybody pretty much assumes that they’re closing any time soon after the last disasterous redesign (where all the useful functionality disappeared … Continue reading last.fm scrobbling problems

Glitchmash ’16

(January 9, 2016)

My video player wasn’t able to play this tv show. And my record player wasn’t able to play this flexi by Crosby (included in the Post York comic book). Enjoy these digital/analogue failures together.  

Nobody Learned Anything From The Y2K Non-Event

(September 9, 2015)


(September 8, 2015)


(June 27, 2015)

Use Once, Then Destroy

(May 16, 2015)

Pre-Blog Snark

(May 12, 2015)

Back in the 80s, how did autodidact polymaths bitch about pendantic details while reading books?  Why, by writing in them. I like finding scribbles in books.  Tee hee. (It’s a Marion Babson mystery.  It was OK.)

Cloudy Outlook

(May 7, 2015)

Mystery Object Redux

(May 5, 2015)

For some reason or other, a mystery object was included in a box of hair wax.  The interweb commentariat clued me in to what it was: An Iphone amplifier! But does it work? I guess it does!  This is Crack We are Rock playing on Youtube.  The amplifier makes things…  louder! It still sounds like … Continue reading Mystery Object Redux

Language News

(May 3, 2015)

The following was included in a CD I got the other day: “Digital” now exclusively means “on your computer” or something, so a CD is no longer digital. Neither is a Bluray disc.

Chirp Chirp

(May 1, 2015)

The bird from last year (which might be a fieldfare) moved from outside my bedroom window to outside the living room window. So it’s now chirping its little head off on the other side of the apartment.  Which means more sleep for me.  Yay! But, man, it’s loud…

Mystery Object

(April 30, 2015)

When I bought some hair wax at the hair dresser the other week, this weird thing was included in the package: I thought it might be a suction cup or something, but it doesn’t really work well as that.  So…  er…  What?  WAHT!!?!?ONE!!!

Sci Fi

(March 22, 2015)

Those keyboards are so sci fi. I mean, these keyboards are so sci fi These are less sci fi, I guess. But props to the… props dept.


(February 5, 2015)

We were walking along the beach and saw lots of these strange shapes… Examining them closer shows that there’s some kind of wee critter making them: A crustacean?  Itsy worm?  Shellfish? Anybody know what these are?


(February 2, 2015)

Today’s Best Email Confidentiality Signature

(November 25, 2014)

Isn’t it fascinating that people thing they can send you things and attach a “confidentiality signature”, and that supposed to be binding for the recipient? Fascinating, but deeply deluded. NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The information contained in or attached to this email is private and confidential, is protected from disclosure and is intended only for the … Continue reading Today’s Best Email Confidentiality Signature

Christo’s In Town

(October 28, 2014)

Mystery Object

(October 18, 2014)

I’ve been sorting out the Closet of Various Things tonight, getting rid of duplicate cables and moving stuff I’m not using to colder storage. But I found this thing. Like, WTF?


(October 16, 2014)

From Liartown.


(October 11, 2014)


(October 11, 2014)

A house nearby has been renovated, and they’ve put in these rather nice (and huge) things over the entrance doors. Design is a nice idea.

Signature Elided

(October 4, 2014)

I stopped buying stuff from Amazon like a year ago (I know, I’m slow on the uptake about their eeeevil), so I’m now buying all my DVDs and BluRays via play.com, which is a shopping portal. All the orders apparently go to smaller shops that send out the stuff. Which has to be better.  I … Continue reading Signature Elided


(September 29, 2014)

It’s not ambiguous, but I think it’s wrong. These rails look like a pretty permanent installation.  They won’t be removed any time soon.

The Saddest Thing In A Hotel Room

(September 12, 2014)

Everything Wrong With “The Golden Age Of Quality TV” In One Quote

(August 31, 2014)

From the Mad Men show-runner. Before The Sopranos, when someone said, Make it deeper, I didn’t know what they meant. Or really, I knew in my gut—but I also knew that it was the one thing that crossed my mind that I wasn’t going to do. To have Peggy come into Don’s office after he’s … Continue reading Everything Wrong With “The Golden Age Of Quality TV” In One Quote


(August 25, 2014)

Wheel at the End of the Horizon

(July 23, 2014)


(July 19, 2014)


(June 2, 2014)

I bought a “snowman” mains cable. Can you tell which one is the correct one? No, they aren’t interchangeable.  

Summer Workwear

(May 30, 2014)

When being handy around the house, I prefer using professional workwear, because they have straps to hand the hammer off of, and lots of pockets for tools and screws and stuff. And now it’s summer, so I went to buy some shorts. See?  Super practical. But at the Blåkläder store they also had workwear kilts. … Continue reading Summer Workwear


(May 20, 2014)

      I think what this balcony renovation firm is trying to express with this logo is that bolts through your head makes you wobbly.

The Internet Isn’t For Porn Anymore

(January 30, 2014)

Night of the Cleaning Dead

(December 22, 2013)


(December 16, 2013)

Last night I dreamt that I was mentioned in the index of Martin Aston’s 4AD biography “Facing the Other Way”.  Which I bought a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t looked at yet.  So I just checked… … and I’m not. But it turns out that I’m on the akwnowledgement page.  (With a mention of … Continue reading Clairvoyancy

Twenty Years Of September

(August 5, 2013)

Just a decade since the previous edition of the shirt After I had announced the No Gnus t-shirts, it was brought to my attention that this September is the 20th anniversary of Eternal September. That, surely, deserves a celebration.  Or a wake. In any case, you need this t-shirt to participate fully, wherever you may … Continue reading Twenty Years Of September

I’ve Looked At Clouds

(July 24, 2013)

The Neighbour Is An Avid Bird Watcher

(July 23, 2013)

I Forgot How To Plier

(July 16, 2013)

Soot Happens

(June 13, 2013)

Not Art

(April 25, 2013)


(March 30, 2013)

Youth in Asia

(February 25, 2013)

The funny thing being that Amazon apparently mistakenly sends enough stuff to Thailand that somebody felt the need to make a stamp. Well, I thought it was funny.  So there.

Pet Peeve #942: Amazon Packaging

(January 29, 2013)

If you order a book or two from Amazon, they know how to pack them. If you order more than that, they just throw everything into a thin cardboard box, and if the books are heavy, they then sometimes throw that box into a mail bag. Exhibit A: Thin cardboard boxes with heavy books inside … Continue reading Pet Peeve #942: Amazon Packaging

This Is It

(December 16, 2012)


Tumblr is on Acid

(November 10, 2012)

I was reading this story on Hacker News about how awesome Tumblr is.  It’s kinda fascinating.  It seems like lots of people on Tumblr is extremely rah rah about Tumblr itself.  You don’t really see people on Blogger or WordPress yattering on about the platform. But I created a tumblr myself a while back to … Continue reading Tumblr is on Acid

Itsy Bitsy Sad Keanu Pair Programming

(October 4, 2012)

Not Movin’

(September 1, 2012)

I’m not moving out, but there are a lot of moving boxes here. And they have these checkboxes to allow you to say what the contents are.  Most of them seem reasonable. “Winter clothes”, “Glass”, “Shoes”… And then there’s “80s Clothes”.

Special CD

(July 11, 2012)

I was ripping CDs tonight, and one was giving me more problems than usual. It was a cd by the band called disc, which is a Matmos offshoot. I took the CD out of the drive and stared at it a bit. Oops.  I think it might be one of those conceptual non-playable CDs.  And … Continue reading Special CD


(July 1, 2012)

It Waits

(June 15, 2012)

Some day…  Some day…

Explain This

(March 27, 2012)

The seam just doesn’t seem to be functional.

Hair Today

(March 23, 2012)

According to experts, apparently long hair can get trapped in pipes leading to a less than optimal drainage situation. The solution here, according to the same experts, is to pour a liquid called “Mudin” down the drains twice a year.  Or, as the experts said,  “or, for you, every three months”. I’m just reporting what … Continue reading Hair Today

Lighting Out for the Territories

(March 17, 2012)

I’m pretty sure there’s no air raid going on.

Plastic Bags Considered Arty

(March 17, 2012)

The Floor What is that lovely expressionistic piece of art on the right, you say? Let me tell you a story. I went shopping for groceries at ICA today.  I left the bags on the floor in the kitchen. The kitchen floor has heating cables.  The cables switched themselves on. The red text on the … Continue reading Plastic Bags Considered Arty


(December 17, 2011)

New Camera

Inscrutability. We haz it.

(December 10, 2011)

Gnomic I’ve got a form to fill out about fire readiness in the apartment.  Which is OK.  But the questions are kinda inscrutable. I’m supposed to tick either “OK” or “Divergence” (or something.  It’s a kinda odd word choice in Norwegian, too). So it starts out fine.  “Is there at least one functioning smoke detector … Continue reading Inscrutability. We haz it.

Reuse Before Recycle

(November 25, 2011)

I got a package from Amazon today — delivered in a mail bag.  Which isn’t unusual.  This is, though: But a veteran of what?


(November 7, 2011)


(September 10, 2011)

Shoes On Couches

(July 15, 2011)

Extreme Couching It’s always fascinated me that on American TV shows, people seem to put their feet up on furniture, even though they are wearing shoes. After spending some time in the US, I realised that TV was only reporting fact. It’s so shocking, I’m sure. I’ve got a cold now, so I’m watching episodes … Continue reading Shoes On Couches

Is Amazon Insane or Just Deranged?

(May 4, 2011)

So, I stumbled onto Suddenly, Tammy! having their third album (which was recorded in 1997, but held (and not released) by Warner’s (they fired the band, but refused to give back the music to the band (record labels are scum)) finally seeing the light of day yesterday. (You can untangle the tenses, I think.)  So … Continue reading Is Amazon Insane or Just Deranged?

Milk Technology

(January 9, 2011)

Compare and contrast the riveting development in cow/cat milk delivery technology: Source: Link, link.

You Know It’s Over

(January 8, 2011)

IT people are as subject to fads as anybody else. It’s perhaps more interesting to being able to pin-point the moment that they’re over than anything else. Perhaps we can learn from other industries. Like fashion. This picture captures the exact instant when the no socks thing was over.