Dear Interweb

I was listening to an old mix tape the other day, and I happened upon this song:

I can’t for the life of me figure out who this song might be by.  Shazam doesn’t recognise it and I can’t find any of the text snippets on Google (“dreams of what could be if you love me”, “dreams of love and sunshine”, “I can show you happiness”, etc).

I thought that perhaps it might be Mimi Goese because it’s weird drum’n’bass-inflicted craziness which she was doing around this time.  The tape is from November 1995 to April 1996, and the surrounding tracks are, among others,  from albums like Protection by Massive Attack, … I Care Because You Do by Aphex Twin and Born Slippy by Underworld.

Could it be some weird atypical thing from somebody in 4AD?  A random track from a compilation?

Anybody know what this could be?  It’s rather nice.

Hm…  Perhaps I could upload it to Youtube and see whether the automatic Content-ID system tags it and blocks it.  🙂

The Best Countries

A while back, I watched a film and drank a cocktail from each country on Earth, but it occurred to me just now that I had never done any visualisation of where on Earth the good movies and drinks are.

Since I had the data semi-readible available, I whipped up some charts.

Here’s the film map (brighter red is better):

Here’s the cocktail map (brighter blue is better):

Hm…  I should run some regression on the data set to determine whether there’s a correlation or not between what I thought of the cocktail, what I thought of the film, and how drunk I was.

Oops!  No data on the last bit.

It looks like Africa leads on the cocktail scale…  And the dry bits between Europe and Asia (as well as South America) on the film scale.

Here’s the interactive version of the film map and the cocktail map if you’re really curious, for some reason or other.

Anyway, this is all statistically valid, since I have a sample size of 1 per country, so you can totally trust me here.  The p value is definitely < 0.05 according to my math.