Mystery Object


I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days, but today I finally made my way to the post office and collected various packages.  Among these was a package from a store I had ordered a bunch of LED lighting strips for the kitchen.

Included was this pink mystery USB object, not mentioned on the invoice.  It says “Haweel” at one end and it’s bendy:


I haven’t dared plug it into a computer yet.


7 thoughts on “Mystery Object”

  1. A USB reading light (in case your question was not rethorical). For those poor sods who don’t have backlit keyboards, and can’t find the keys in the dark. Super useful!

    Also a life saver whenever you’re trying to find, say, a keyhole in darkness, and have mislaid your phone and other potential light sources, but happen to have this gizmo in your pocket, along with a USB power bank to charge the phone you don’t carry at the moment.

      1. Yeah. And of course DMA-ing your secrets out from under you without telling the OS.

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