More Search: Comics Buyer’s Guide and stuff

The (re)search engine for magazines about comics went extremely mildly viral a few days ago, and reading the comments I went “Oops! I totally forgot about Ipads…” And indeed, the thing looked absolutely horrible there, so I gave it a spruce up (see above). I think it should be fine now — and it may indeed be the best way to use the search engine, because the vertical format fits the scanned pages very well, and you don’t have to zoom as much to read the pages.

And while I was tweaking things, I also fixed up the cell phone interface:

Lots of zooming required to read anything, of course, but…

Anyway, the point of this post is just to say that I’ve added some issues from the Comics Buyer’s Guide (or is it Comic’s Buyers Guide? Comics Buyers’ Guide? such complicated) that I found at Now, there were about 1700 CBG issues published in total, and only has about 150, so that’s less than 10% and I originally thought that wasn’t worth adding. But on the other hand, 150 issues is a lot, isn’t it? So I went ahead and added them anyway.

Click here to do research.

If anybody’s sitting on a huge cache of scanned CBG issues, please get in touch.

November Music

Music I’ve bought in November.

Hey, that’s quite a lot of albums and stuff. Anything in particular stand out? Hm…

Vanishing Twin - Marbles (Official Visualiser)

Well, I really like the new album from Vanishing Twin. As usual, they sound a bit like Stereolab, but in a good way.

Here's the tender coming - The Unthanks

I also got this old album from The Unthanks (best band name ever) and thought it was very nice. But then I read it was Folk Album of the Year for Mojo that year and now I don’t know what to think!

The Unthanks album came in a very nice booklet, but the Best Record Sleeve of The Month goes to Meat Joy.

It’s hand decorated, and it’s got collagey bits and an entire little (acrylic?) painting glued to the sleeve.

And there’s even stuff on the inside.


Meat Joy was a band from Texas (I think?) in the 80s, and after they broke up members got more famous for being in Two Nice Girls and for being Gretchen Phillips, and I’m a huge fan.

And finally: The Comic Reader, Hero Illustrated and… FOOM!?

OK, I said the previous post about the search engine for magazines about comics was going to be the last one, but then…

I’ve added The Comic Reader, Hero Illustrated and FOOM. Yes, FOOM — Friends Of Ol’ Marvel.


And this is the final blog post on this matter, and I mean it this time for sure.