Further* Legal Developments

(March 4, 2022)

Last week, I got a letter from the post dept asking me to declare a package… that had arrived from India. I couldn’t remember ordering anything from India, so I answered “er what” and they sent me this snapshot of the package back: Such clarity. But I managed to make out “On India Government Service”, … Continue reading Further* Legal Developments

The Fate of gmane.org

(February 25, 2020)

As previously discussed in this embarrassing saga, gmane.org was bought by Yomura Corporation, and they have now let the domain expire. The domain went to the normal Namesilo auction process, and I was waiting for it to appear there so I could buy it back. I didn’t check often enough, and before I was able … Continue reading The Fate of gmane.org

New Lists Can Now Be Added To Gmane

(February 12, 2020)

I’ve now hacked up a new admin interface to the Gmane mailing list archive. If you want to add new lists, use the new admin interface. Older lists can also be edited, and you can request resubscription and stuff. This stuff has not exactly been rigorously tested, so if you have any problems with the … Continue reading New Lists Can Now Be Added To Gmane

Reagent is… Nice?

(February 11, 2020)

I’ve been procrastinating on writing a web-based admin interface for news.gmane.io… because I just haven’t been able to make up my mind as to what technologies to use. I hate learning new stuff, but it feels pretty stagnant to tap away in Javascript (on the frontend) and PHP for whatever has to happen on the … Continue reading Reagent is… Nice?

news.gmane.org is now news.gmane.io

(January 15, 2020)

As previously discussed, the gmane.org domain was no longer viable, and the NNTP server has now moved to news.gmane.io. Likewise, mailing list subscriptions have been moved from m.gmane.org to m.gmane-mx.org. As of this writing, neither service is up, because I’m doing the final resync before restarting the services on a new server. I expect the … Continue reading news.gmane.org is now news.gmane.io

Whatever Happened To news.gmane.org?

(January 6, 2020)

I fucked up. Short version: If you’re reading mailing lists with an NNTP news reader via news.gmane.org, you should update your news reader to point to news.gmane.io instead. Over the past few years, people have asked me what happened to Gmane, and I’ve mostly clasped my hands over my ears and gone “la la la … Continue reading Whatever Happened To news.gmane.org?

Gwene Is Up Again, Too

(September 19, 2016)

After a month-long hiatus after the troubles, Gmane’s sister web site, Gwene, is back up again, too. Gwene allows you to sign up RSS feeds via the web site, and then you can read those feeds by pointing your news reader at news.gwene.org. Gwene also used to have a web-based interface to browse the contents, … Continue reading Gwene Is Up Again, Too

Gmane Alive!

(September 6, 2016)

A few weeks back, a DDoS was the final straw that broke this Gmane camel’s back, and I took my marbles (as they were) and went home. I mean, I shut down the web interface of gmane.org. But now it’s back, and under new management: Yomura Corporation.  Not all things are up yet, but it’s … Continue reading Gmane Alive!

The End of Gmane?

(July 28, 2016)

In 2002, I grew annoyed with not finding the obscure technical information I was looking for, so I started Gmane, the mailing list archive. All technical discussion took place on mailing lists those days, and archiving those were, at best, spotty and with horrible web interfaces. The past few weeks, the Gmane machines (and more … Continue reading The End of Gmane?

Further Legal Developments

(April 2, 2015)

As part of running the mailing list archive Gmane, I’m asked to remove messages from the archive from time to time, which I do.  (Although not extremely promptly, since I’m lazy.)  That’s fine, but some people seem to think that having a lawyer send the message to me is more effective than just sending an … Continue reading Further Legal Developments

New Gmane SSDs

(February 22, 2014)

The Gmane news spool is 97% full, so I either had to delete some Gwene stuff, or buy more SSDs. I bought more SSDs.  The current setup is 5x 512GB Samsungs in RAID5.  I bought 5x 1TB while in the US, so that gives us 2x the current size in RAID5, which should be enough … Continue reading New Gmane SSDs

The Internet Help Desk

(August 17, 2013)

 About once a month, I get really drunk and answer the Gmane email.  90% is “please remove my message”, which I do.  If it’s from the person who asks to have it removed. The other 10% are kinda … assorted.  I think this is of interest to you.  All of you.  So here I present … Continue reading The Internet Help Desk


(July 26, 2013)

Ever since Google Adwords dumped Gmane for reasons, Gmane hasn’t had any income.  It doesn’t really matter that much, but I find it annoying. The Gmane web site has some traffic. About half a million page views per day.  Surely there’s $$$ in that.  Not that I like ads.  I think ads are yucky. I … Continue reading Monetising

Further Non-Legal Developments

(April 5, 2013)

I didn’t really pay attention, but I think this is about “lies” being told about something called “WorldComp”?  Anyway, I’m apparently being sewed again because of somebody wanting to have stuff removed, but not being willing to ask the list admins to ask me to have it removed. So much drama.  I’m swooning all over … Continue reading Further Non-Legal Developments

Futher further further legal proceedings

(August 25, 2012)

A year or so I got a heroic amount of paperwork from India apparently making me co-defendant in a libel case. I think the court wanted be to remove something posted on Gmane or something, but it was kinda hard to tell.  Anyway, this week I got some new paperwork from India.  Just 50 pages … Continue reading Futher further further legal proceedings

More Further Legal Proceedings

(November 22, 2011)

As you recall from the first episode of this series, I received several kilos of paperwork from India about…  something.  The gist of it was — somebody had allegedly committed libel against somebody else, and they had put a law firm onto the case. The law firm got it all firmly in hand, but neglected … Continue reading More Further Legal Proceedings

More Legal Proceedings

(November 21, 2011)

My boss got the letter below today.  As I don’t speak French, I’m not totally sure what it’s asking me to do, but I’ll assume that it wants me to remove the links in question. The fascinating thing about this very geniune-looking (ahem) official letter is that it doesn’t mention who’s sending it.  Who is … Continue reading More Legal Proceedings

Legal Proceedings

(October 31, 2011)

The last time I handled Gmane emails (I do that about once a month.  Drunk.) I got a stranger than usual threat from India. I’m used to being told that I’m so sowed because of something some moron once posted on a mailing list, but this seemed to actually be from a lawyer.  As is … Continue reading Legal Proceedings

Running an RSS to NNTP Gateway

(April 2, 2011)

If I knew that doing an RSS to NNTP gateway was so easy, I would have done it years ago. I was just waiting for somebody else to pick up this obviously useful idea, but apparently nobody else wanted to. In comparison to doing the Gwene gateway, the (almost) ten-year-old Gmane mail-to-news project is pretty … Continue reading Running an RSS to NNTP Gateway

Gmane On Github

(January 9, 2011)

I’ve started putting the various Gmane things on github. If I get around to it, I’ll probably put most of the programs and scripts up there eventually, but first out are weft and weaverd. Oh, and I also added the source code for the defunct we:search search engine. It’s no longer used, since Gmane switched … Continue reading Gmane On Github