Eclipse 1936: Intermezzo

(January 18, 2022)

Molander was one of the biggest directors in Sweden, I think? From the 20s to the 50s. I think he’s still pretty well known? I mean, in Sweden. I’m not sure he ever had an international success? So this is another one of the Ingrid Bergman movies. Well, it seems obvious that Bergman is gonna … Continue reading Eclipse 1936: Intermezzo

Eclipse 1935: Valborgsmässoafton

(January 18, 2022)

OK; we continue (after two week break) watching the Criterion Eclipse Ingrid Bergman box sex, and we’re now in 1935. That’s a fun shot. There she is. That’s a young baby. I like it when the actors are hamming it up. But… this is a pretty bad movie. It’s badly paced and the lines (and … Continue reading Eclipse 1935: Valborgsmässoafton

Eclipse 1935: Munkbrogreven

(January 2, 2022)

Oooh. Oldee tymey Swedish movie. I haven’t really seen that much pre-50s Swedish stuff, I think? This is a pretty unusual Criterion Eclipse box set. Virtually all of them are selections from a specific director, and there’s a couple sets that collects different directors working in the same idiom, but … this may be the … Continue reading Eclipse 1935: Munkbrogreven

Eclipse 1981: Documenteur

(January 2, 2022)

Wha. That’s one of the murals from the Mur murs documentary… so Varda did this at the same time as the documentary? Is it a fiction about doing a documentary about murals in Los Angeles? I hope so! This is absolutely enthralling. This is so meta. It’s the most 80s movie ever, and Varda captured … Continue reading Eclipse 1981: Documenteur

Eclipse 1980: Mur Murs

(January 2, 2022)

So this is a decade later than Varda’s three previous California movies? Oh, this is a documentary about murals in Los Angeles? This is fantastic. It’s got a free-flowing delightful kind of flow. And these murals are pretty amazing. I’m guessing that funding for this sort of thing dried up when Reagan came into office? … Continue reading Eclipse 1980: Mur Murs

Eclipse 1969: Lions Love (… and Lies)

(January 1, 2022)

I’m enjoying this movie… but… I can’t help wondering how this would have played out of it had had French actors instead of American actors. These people just don’t seem… intriguing? Especially the guys. And since so much of this seems improvised, that’s a problem. OK, I’m getting into this now. Yeah, whenever the two … Continue reading Eclipse 1969: Lions Love (… and Lies)

Eclipse 1967: Uncle Yanco

(January 1, 2022)

This is brilliant. Varda’s having a lot of fun with doing a documentary and then questioning whether it’s fiction or not. It’s overwhelming. It’s very Godard. This is brilliant. Uncle Yanco. Agnès Varda. 1967. This blog post is part of the Eclipse series.

Eclipse 1968: Black Panthers

(January 1, 2022)

With every purchase. This is very different from Varda’s earlier movies. I mean, not the subject matter, but the way it’s filmed and edited. It’s so restless and frantic. The little red book is in such a practical format. But this is really good. It’s got Varda’s eye for details, and her curiosity about everything. … Continue reading Eclipse 1968: Black Panthers

Eclipse 1932: One Hour With You

(December 31, 2021)

As musicals go… this doesn’t have a lot of music? This is a pre Hayes code movie – I don’t think that costume would have flown afterwards? This is a very odd movie. I just read the Criterion text on the DVD cover, and apparently this was going to be a George Cukor movie, but … Continue reading Eclipse 1932: One Hour With You

Eclipse 1931: The Smiling Lieutenant

(December 31, 2021)

Now that’s a train I’d like to ride. This is very amusing. It’s not hilarious or anything, but it’s got a good flow going on, and the characters are good, and it never stops amusing. I was disappointed in the previous two Lubitsch movies, but this works. I really like this movie… but… I’d be … Continue reading Eclipse 1931: The Smiling Lieutenant

Eclipse 1930: Monte Carlo

(December 30, 2021)

Those are some very complicated credits. This is another 1.2:1 movie – the early talkies used a portion of the normal 1.37:1 film stock to carry the audio, so the movies became narrower. (The first few sound movies Lubitsch did, and were filmed twice, and released in both 1.37:1 silent versions and 1.2:1 talkie versons.) … Continue reading Eclipse 1930: Monte Carlo

Eclipse 1929: The Love Parade

(December 28, 2021)

Hey, this is brilliant. An early screwball comedy? It’s from 1929, so it’s part of the first wave of talkies, I guess? It’s in … 1.2:1? And… they apparently made this in French and American at the same time? Jeanette MacDonald name and face are both quite familiar to me, but looking over her imdb, … Continue reading Eclipse 1929: The Love Parade

Eclipse 1973: Come On Children

(December 21, 2021)

Uh-oh. The first Allan King movie (about an institution for children) felt really exploitative. In the second one, the people participating were adults, at least, so there consent was less dubious. But it bombed at the box office. So now we’re back to his… big hit movie, kinda? Heh. The liner notes on the DVD … Continue reading Eclipse 1973: Come On Children

Eclipse 1969: A Married Couple

(December 21, 2021)

This is like… a reality TV show? I mean, before they became game shows. Or, as they might have been called back then, “a documentary”. But it’s people being very, very aware of cameras being in the room with them and hamming it up a bit. But… is this non-scripted? I mean, more or less … Continue reading Eclipse 1969: A Married Couple

Eclipse 1967: Warrendale

(December 17, 2021)

Wow. This is Canadian? I thought the Eclipse series was just Japanese and French movies. These kids are very sleepy. Oh, this is a documentary!? These are really the sleepiest kids ever! Uhm. Autism? So this is a documentary about some emotionally disturbed children at an institution where they have a thing about … holding … Continue reading Eclipse 1967: Warrendale

Eclipse 1968: 帰って来たヨッパライ

(December 17, 2021)

Wow. Ôshima’s gone all late nouvelle vague? This starts off like a Godard movie from 1968… But more Japanese, I guess. I think this movie is about Japanese racism? Towards Koreans? But it’s … very odd. And it’s also about Vietnam. So… now it’s the entire movie all over again? Or… did this DVD skip? … Continue reading Eclipse 1968: 帰って来たヨッパライ

Eclipse 1967: 無理心中日本の夏

(December 16, 2021)

This reminds me of… Tarkovsky. But a horny, lighthearted Tarkovsky. I know, it’s a contradiction in terms, but it’s got the same sort of flow. But… Tarkovsky a decade later than this. I was absolutely riveted by this movie until we landed in this room, and now it’s just… wilfully odd instead of fascinating. OK, … Continue reading Eclipse 1967: 無理心中日本の夏

Eclipse 1967: 日本春歌考

(December 16, 2021)

This is the most Summer of 1968 movie ever, and it’s from 1967. It’s all about student rebellion and protest and sex and stuff. Oh! These guys are high school students… I thought this was supposed to be about university graduates or something. I guess those uniforms would be a stronger signal about their age … Continue reading Eclipse 1967: 日本春歌考

Eclipse 1966: 白昼の通り魔

(December 13, 2021)

It was so impressed by Ôshima’s previous movie… but I don’t know about this one. It just seems calculated and by the numbers? The shots still look interesting, but without the spectacular colours of the previous movie, it’s just less striking. I don’t think they’re going for realism here at much… but some of the … Continue reading Eclipse 1966: 白昼の通り魔

Eclipse 1965: 悦楽

(December 13, 2021)

I absolutely adore the cinematography on this. The angles, the framing, the colours. This is the most rational crime ever. Oh my god. This movie just doesn’t go where you expect it to. It’s either amazingly brilliant or just… odd? I’m not quite sure. I lost the thread here for a second, and now I … Continue reading Eclipse 1965: 悦楽

Eclipse 1962: All Night Long

(December 13, 2021)

It’s one of those funny cigarettes, see? Anyway, next on the schedule was Victim, but it turns out that I watched it a couple months ago. It was OK. So I’m onto the final Basil Dearden movie instead. They’re getting hooked on the reefer! Patrick McGoohan drums up a storm very convicingly, I must say. … Continue reading Eclipse 1962: All Night Long

Eclipse 1960: The League of Gentlemen

(December 9, 2021)

This is quite amusing. It’s like a classic heist movie. It’s probably not the original one? But it’s got all the bits that later heist movies have. And fascinatingly enough, it doesn’t work at making the criminals sympathetic? That said, this thing has got really weird pacing issues. I realise that they’re going for knuckle … Continue reading Eclipse 1960: The League of Gentlemen

Eclipse 1959: Sapphire

(December 9, 2021)

This is so weird. I mean, it’s… kinda normal, but… off. I like it! I love the colour scheme. This is all about racism and stuff, which… I mean, I didn’t think London in 1959 was that racist? I mean, it’s… some of the characters are so racist that it’s kinda more like they’ve been … Continue reading Eclipse 1959: Sapphire

Eclipse 1937: Un carnet de bal

(December 9, 2021)

This has some of the fascinating visuals from Duvivier’s earlier movies, but it’s pretty… pedestrian. That is, there’s a bunch of scenes inbetween the special ones that seem totally haphazard. I don’t even know what this movie is about? I kinda zoned out there for half an hour. This movie just lacks nerve. The performances … Continue reading Eclipse 1937: Un carnet de bal

Eclipse 1933: La tête d’un homme

(December 9, 2021)

The first two movies in this box set looked pristine – sharp and restored. This looks like it’s been scanned from a very tired print and not fixed up at all. So I’m guessing that this is a less historically important movie? He’s eeeevil!!!! This really hasn’t aged well. It’s just kinda basic? Looks great, … Continue reading Eclipse 1933: La tête d’un homme

Eclipse 1932: Poil de Carotte

(December 9, 2021)

I was gonna watch a whole bunch of these Eclipse movies from Criterion, but I got caught up in a bunch of Emacs stuff. Back on track: Movies! Movies! Wow, that’s some close-up camera work. They camera has to be like five centimetres from his nose. Duvivier is some kind of genius. I mean, on … Continue reading Eclipse 1932: Poil de Carotte

Eclipse 1931: David Golder

(December 3, 2021)

What! Oh, right, I’ve been watching some really bad movies lately. I want to get back into watching, you know, actually good movies, and I think a way to force myself to do that is to… watch all the Eclipse movies from the Criterion Collection: Because if I don’t, that stack is gonna topple! It’s … Continue reading Eclipse 1931: David Golder