Eclipse 1936: Le roman d’un tricheur

This is very meta and witty.

Hang on… these screenshots are in the wrong aspect ratio? I just upgraded mpv, and everything was going so swimmingly, but these are definitely wrong. They’re 1.5:1, while what’s on the screen is 1.37:1. How annoying.

That’s better.

This is totally wild. It’s perhaps not a very technically proficient movie (I’m assuming it was made on a very small budget? it’s an 80% silent movie with just a voiceover), and the shots are frequently out of focus, but it’s just… kinda amazing?

It seems incredible that it’s from 1936.

This is such a fascinating, witty movie. I’m not sure that it’s actually… “good”? But it’s great.

The Story of a Cheat. Sacha Guitry. 1936.

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