Eclipse 1968: Mr. Freedom

OH MY GOD is this the best movie ever made? IT COULD BE

OK, this isn’t the best movie ever. But it’s quite amusing.


The Polly Magoo movie was so fascinating. It kinda didn’t follow through on its promise… it just couldn’t quite make it work. But it’s almost a fucking masterpiece.

This one, though… It started off strong, but now it’s just one slightly amusing scene after another. It’s got a pretty good central idea, and it looks great, but it’s getting kinda boring? Already?

It’s very pop art.

OK, I’ll say it: It’s got striking visuals, but it’s kinda tedious. It’s like a 50s sci-fi movie, but with 1968 ironic politics. I imagine they were aiming for the opposite: A 1968 political movie referencing 1950s sci-fi visuals?

Mr. Freedom. William Klein. 1968.

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