Eclipse 1943: The Man in Grey

I’m starting to wonder whether the Eclipse box set series is less about resurrecting lost film gems and more about just utilising the Janus Films library. (Janus Films and Criterion have the same owners.)

Because most of these movies carry the Janus title card, and… er… more than a few of these movies haven’t really seemed like… they would be the kinds of movies people would want to resurrect?

But perhaps I’m wrong; I’m just a quarter of the way through these movies.

This one looks pretty promising, though.

I say, this is quite entertaining. It’s a proper slightly-over-the-top melodrama.


Oh, right, James Mason.

I know!

So many coats.

But unfortunately… the tension dissipates and then you’re just left with a kinda not very interesting drama.

I think this started off being really entertaining, but then it got bogged down.

The Man in Grey. Leslie Arliss. 1943.

This blog post is part of the Eclipse series.

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