Eclipse 1967: Warrendale

Wow. This is Canadian? I thought the Eclipse series was just Japanese and French movies.

These kids are very sleepy.

Oh, this is a documentary!?

These are really the sleepiest kids ever!



So this is a documentary about some emotionally disturbed children at an institution where they have a thing about … holding the kids when they’re acting out. It’s kinda hard to watch. I mean, they seem really well intentioned and good people, but…

It just feels exploitative. I mean, these kids are being exposed to an extent that’s just way beyond any… ethics…

I know the 60s were a different universe, but I don’t think there should have been a camera crew inside this institution.

Well, King is obviously a talented filmmaker (fortunately, because there’s four more of his movies to go). But I just totally disapprove of the entire project here.


Warrendale. Allan King. 1967.

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