Eclipse 1968: Nevinost bez zaštite

So this is a mockumentary?

So this is a parody of older Yugoslavian movies?

It’s kinda gruesome as parodies go, since it seems like it has actual documentary footage from WWII?

I mean, it’s amusing, but it’s not “ha ha” funny…?

I guess that’s “satire” for you.

OK, this film is just an excuse to show off these (admittedly amazing) acrobatic strongman feats?

Oh, right. This is a found footage film — Makavejev took a bunch of old documentary footage, and filmed the linking er skits between them to establish a sort of narrative.

Hm… the DVD liner notes claims that the funny bits in between the acrobatics are also old? I assumed those were parodies filmed by Makavejev… I’m not sure I believe the liner notes.

Oh, OK, this looks like it might actually be the real “lost” movie from the 40s. It looks properly amateurish instead of fake amateurish.

OK, now it’s looking fake amateurish again. I mean, it’s just too good. I mean, bad. I mean:

That can’t actually be from an actual film anybody actually released in the actual 40s. Actually.

Wikipedia is signing off on this not being a parody but actually “an old amateur feature pic”. 🤷🏽‍♂️

It’s an amusing film, if rather mean spirited. (I bet it was a hoot to make.) But it’s a joke that goes on for way too long — there’s material here for like a half hour movie? And then it just goes on and on.

Innocence Unprotected. Dušan Makavejev. 1968.

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