Eclipse 1966: O slavnosti a hostech

I forgot to watch this when I watched all the other films in the Pearls of the Czech New Wave box set, but Emacs reminded me.

This is very stylish.

And I’m guessing very symbolic and stuff?

Is that handsy guy supposed to symbolise the Russians? I can smell symbolism going on. Or are the posh people supposed to represent the Czech leadership and the handsy guy and his friends are the people?

He seems too smug and weird to be the people.

Or perhaps it’s just a horror movie — it’s got a classic start: Some twits go into the forest and meet scary, possibly deranged locals that terrorise them.

But with a Kafka twist, because art.

OK, that guy is Russia.

Anyway, it’s great.

A Report on the Party and Guests. Jan Němec. 1966.

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