Eclipse 1992: My Crasy Life

This is kinda brilliant? And so weird.

It’s about Samoan gangs in LA.

OH MY GOD! This is where Cabaret Voltaire sampled that whole long speech from! *gasp*

Cabaret Voltaire -- Low Cool

Heh, the video is just bits from this film! Man it’s so weird when you’ve listened to an album half your life and then finally stumble on the source of a sample. And this is basically the entire track.

That’s me!

Oh! It’s not a documentary? I thought this was a documentary, but with some creative flourishes, like that talking car. But it’s scripted? Or… documentary with some scripted bits? That Gorin guy is so slippery; I love it. Is the slang even real?

I’m still not at all sure what Gorin is doing here… but… he cuts to (apparently) real crime scene photos with dead people and a ton of gore at random, and that’s… OK, I can see the logic, but it’s a bit wha

The last third of this lost the weird nerve this movie had going on, unfortunately.

OK, now I have to find out whether any of this was real.

Uhm… the interwebs don’t seem to have too much to say about this movie.

Nope. Even the liner notes on the DVD only says that it “seems to have been arrived to by mutual accord”. I.e., that the (supposed) gang bangers have collaborated with Gorin with the staging when reenacting things that have happened. But I wondered whether the people were actually part of a theatre troupe and not actually criminals at all?

I have no idea, but the movie is brilliant anyway.

My Crasy Life. Jean-Pierre Gorin. 1992.

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