Eclipse 1975: Two Tons of Turquoise To Taos Tonight

As with the previous Downey movies, I just don’t see the attraction. It’s relentlessly amateurish instead of being avant garde (which I think he’s aiming for?). I mean, I get that it’s supposed to be funny and shit, but… that doesn’t help?

Perhaps being really stoned would help?

That’s really old!

Downey’s movies feel like they’re more about having fun while making them than anything else? I mean, if you watch other experimental movies from this era, like… News From Home by Chantal Akerman, which was also made on a minuscule budget, it’s a real thing, made with an idea in mind, for an audience to watch. This is basically a bunch of home movie things edited together — self indulgent and tedious.

There. I said it. Let the healing begin.

But, I mean, nobody’s forcing me to watch these movies, so it’s all on me. Why shouldn’t Downey edit his home movies down into something like this?

Two Tons of Turquoise To Taos Tonight. Robert Downey Sr.. 1975.

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