Eclipse 1969: Putney Swope

So, I’ve been totally underwhelmed by the other Downey movies in this box set, but I think this is supposed to be Downey’s “real” movie from these years? So I’m now discarding all preconceptions… ommm…

Heh heh.

Heh heh. This starts pretty swell.

OK, now it’s boring. It went from farce to “satire”. (Which is code word for “not actually funny”.)

Hey, they changed aspect ratio?

Wow. This started off so well, but it’s turned all tedious.

At least the cinematography’s better than in the other Downey movies. Barely.

Has it really?

I think that says “no”. At least it’s not remaining in any lexicon today.

… Oh my god. I wondered why the eponymous character was talking in a comedy Christian Bale Batman voice — and it’s Downey himself. He dubbed himself in over the actor.

And using that voice. Geez.

Putney Swope. Robert Downey Sr.. 1969.

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