Eclipse 1945: Madonna of the Seven Moons


Well, that’s not threatening at all!

I’m enjoying this. It’s a quite weird movie. That is, it’s not clear what this movie is going to be about. I think…? that the movie started with the woman above being raped (by that guy with high wasted pants up there), but then we’re warped to a time twenty years later, and it’s mostly about her daughter.

This one, in the stylish shorts.

So I’m guessing it’s going to be about late repercussions of trauma or something? But told as a frothy comedy?

And what’s happening now?! Has she been taken over by a spirit? She’s suddenly wearing a shawl! Is she Roma now?


This movie is awesome.

I love that:

Gainsborough is sometimes criticized as a purveyor of “high toned” tosh for shop girls

I’ve always aspired to be a shop girl.

But it does drag on a bit, doesn’t it?

Madonna of the Seven Moons. Arthur Crabtree. 1945.

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