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The last time I handled Gmane emails (I do that about once a month.  Drunk.) I got a stranger than usual threat from India. I’m used to being told that I’m so sowed because of something some moron once posted on a mailing list, but this seemed to actually be from a lawyer.  As is my policy, I post most interesting threats to gmane.discuss.  The mail from the Indian lawyers didn’t actually say what they wanted to have removed, so I sent an email back asking what they wanted me to do, exactly.

I didn’t get a reply.

But a week later a package showed up at the office.

Package from Mandal & Fox, lawyers.

It’s like several kilos of paper, detailing (presumably) the case between somebody and somebody else.  I think the gist of it is that somebody alleges that somebody else is a crook, and that somebody else says that he isn’t, and the court says that the first somebody should stop alleging that.  And it’s been going on for at least 20 years.

I’m not the only recipient:

The firms that got the care package

It’s a list of about 15 companies, like Google, Yahoo and me.  Yay!

So, anyway, I’m perfectly willing to delete whatever it is they want to have deleted.  So I was looking through the stack to see if that was in there somewhere.

Why did blogger rotate the image?

So…  they want me to remove…  something…  in one of the groups that talks about India…

If this is the quality of the legal assistance that Fox & Mandal is giving to that certain someone, I’m not surprised this case has lasted 20 years.  This is pretty incompetent.  I’d advise whoever to get new representation.

If they actually tell me what message they want to have removed from Gmane, I’ll remove it.  Until then, I guess I just have some extra paper to take to the recycling, I guess.

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  1. Perhaps your camera has a rotation sensor, and then helpfully decided to set the orientation to portrait in the EXIF data. Maybe Blogger helpfully decided to orient the picture based on that.

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