Mystery Object

When I bought some hair wax at the hair dresser the other week, this weird thing was included in the package:

It’s made out of rubber (or something) and has a trumpet like form.
Kinda looks like the Enterprise, doesn’t it?
Quite soft.
It separates into two parts. Just like the Enterprise.
There’s a hole at the other end that’s stopped up by the other bit.

I thought it might be a suction cup or something, but it doesn’t really work well as that.  So…  er…  What?  WAHT!!?!?ONE!!!

5 thoughts on “Mystery Object”

  1. Hehe, I got one at a market. If you really don’t know what it is, let me give you a clue… Phone.
    Thanks for your customer reviews!

      1. It was just a clue…
        Spoiler alert.
        You hold your phone (which probably must be of a special model) in one hand and the object in the other. Now you put the bottom part of the phone in the non-suction part and turn on some music. It’s supposed to “enhance” the sound like an old gramophone.

        1. Oooh… it probably works on some specific iPhone version, would be my guess. We’ve got some extras at work; I’ll see whether it works on Monday. Thanks!

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