I’m resampling a lot of vinyl these days (because I got a spiffy record player and the earliest albums I sampled back in the 90s I only have in mp3 (and crappy mp3 at that), and I have to have everything in flac). You know. It makes sense.

So the other day I was sampling the Dark & Long EP by Underworld. Behold:

Yeah, lots of dust, but isn’t that a nice pattern? There’s only one track on this side of the album, and it’s in 33⅓, and the track is only 8 minutes long (so the grooves are spread out more than normally), and it’s a really repetetive song. All taken together, the result is visually very distinctive.

I think I remember reading somewhere that some people are able to tell various classical music pieces apart by just looking at the vinyl. You don’t need that much training to be able to recognise this one, I think…

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