scrobbling problems

The past few months, I’ve noticed that only a fraction of the music I’ve been playing has been scrobbling on  But I just put this down to general flakiness — I think everybody pretty much assumes that they’re closing any time soon after the last disasterous redesign (where all the useful functionality disappeared (but we got a mobile-friendly design)).

But last night I noticed something:

lastThe only things that scrobbled were tracks I’ve ripped from vinyl!  The only things that didn’t scrobble were tracks ripped from CDs!  So I traced the Emacs scrobble library and saw that the only difference was that with CD tracks, scrobble.el sent over the CDDB ID when scrobbling, and with vinyl tracks, it naturally didn’t.  Because no such data existed.

I commented out the CDDB ID stuff, and then everything started scrobbling perfectly.

When I send over API calls with the CDDB ID set, no errors are reported, but the scrobbles are silently discarded later, and do not show up in the library.

So…  A bug introduced during the redesign or something?  I don’t know.  Since that data is superfluous, anyway, it’s no big deal.  And since is probably closing, nothing matters.

Boo hoo.

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