I Need More Screwdrivers

But what is this?

It’s mighty mysterious.

And this is an… electromagnetic radiation tester? Is that something I need?

(I’m tidying up the Cupboard of Tools and Mysteries.)

7 thoughts on “I Need More Screwdrivers”

    1. No, doesn’t seem to be doing that. It’s showing “e-field”, and beeping like crazy in the hallway, and not in my living room. When it beeps it also blinks “HARMFUL” and seems to be measuring what it says is “80 V/m”… volts per meter? Very mysterious. Perhaps I should google a manual.

  1. OK, I’ve now googled, and V/m is indeed volt per meter, and is how you measure field strengths. And the device seems to be giving consistent readings — and the field originates from the heated floor. When I switch it off, it goes to 5 V/m, and when I switch it on, it goes to 60 V/m. And above 40 V/m is allegedly bad for your health. But I don’t know whether that’s for real or just er… for the alternative health crowd.

  2. Meh, I just think this device is a bit enthusiastic. If I hold it a meter from a lamp, it says 0 V/m. If I place it ten cm from a LED bulb, it goes crazy and says it’s 250 V/m and beeps HARMFUL.

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