My New Ornithology Blog

For weeks, there’s been a pair of seagulls attacking people walking on the sidewalk below here, and also making a swoop or two at me whenever I get out on my balcony:

They’re pretty reliable — whenever I go on the balcony, that one will make two (I’m sure very threatening swoops) at me, and then feel satisfied that the required amount of intimidation is achieved, and then fly back to the other roof.

So I assumed there was a nest somewhere, but I didn’t know where.

Mystery revealed tonight! You can almost hear them chirp (FSVO “chirp”) in the movie snippet, but:

See the little chick there?


Oh, there’s two of them?

So exciting.

We usually don’t get seagulls nesting here — mostly sparrows and swifts, and they’re less… er… assertive.

One thought on “My New Ornithology Blog”

  1. Maybe the bird is just making sure it’s you. “Oh, it’s Lars… wait, maybe I’d better double-check… yes, it’s just Lars.” 🙂

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