Washed Away

As we saw in the previous episode of this mysterious saga, the pigeons had left the nest on my balcony, and just a few days later, I finally got my gloves and washing supplies off and started to scrub down the nesty area.

The pigeons hadn’t pooped much on the chair-like object…

… or indeed in the nest area. There was a few downy feathers there, though.

But that sorry state of the nest makes me wonder whether this wasn’t a case of a seagull attacking the nest and gulping down the egg, but rather strong winds and rain sweeping the egg away? It gets really windy here at times; that’s why I have heavy furniture on the balconies. Anything else will just blow away.

So was the egg lying in the roof gutters? Nope. Bits of the nest was, though.

Oh, well. All nice and clean now, and I guess I should inspect it more often to dissuade any further nesting attempts.

Here’s the poor abortive pigeon parent in happier days, just a few weeks ago.

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