Home Renovations

So, I’ve got this chair on the balcony, and it’s got this brilliant design….

See if you can detect the minor irritating problem here. 1, 2…

Yes, exactly. So whenever the weather turns nice and I want to sit down in it, there’s usually still a puddle there, and I can’t just tip it over at that point, either, because the person on the balcony below me might not appreciate the sudden deluge.

So I’m all wet.

I guess I could take the chair in out of the rain, but that seems like work*.


I got an awl and I know how to use it!

Well. For stabbing fabric, at least.


It’s draining, man! Hallelujah!


(I should probably do some sowing around the hole to make it less likely that it’ll tear, but see *.)

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