TSP2005: Constantine (Video Game)

I don’t have any gaming consoles, but I found an old laptop that had Windows installed!

So I downloaded the .rar file off of a totally legal site.

Sure.  Even if it’s infested with viruses, I don’t care much, because the laptop isn’t interweb-connected.




Hm.  This is Windows 7…

Oh!  Instructions!

Game on!

Ok, I managed to make Constantine run around a bit by using A/S/D/W or something, and change the camera angles with the arrow keys.


And left mouse button lets me shoot, but not at the guy at the table.  Right left button allows me to hit the guy at the table.




But then I died or something?



And then Windows is being Windows.



Anyway, I’m sure it’s a great game.

Constantine (Video Game). uhm…. 2005.

This post is part of The Tilda Swinton Project.

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