TSP2003: The Statement

Much photoshop.

Very budget.

So eh?

He agrees.

Oh, whatever.


Oh, Michael Caine.  I can’t quit you.

Uh-oh, missy!

So there!

Properly chastised.

Tell me more.


Je pense.

A lot!


The Statement. Norman Jewison. 2003.

This is the kind of film where the dialogues go: “Why wasn’t I told this earlier?” “I’m telling you now.”. You can fill in the rest of the plot by yourselves. But despite it being somewhat generic, it’s not awful.

Some might disagree.

*checks imdb* Ah, Norman Jewison’s last film. I haven’t seen many of his movies. Er… I think only Jesus Christ Superstar, Rollerball and Moonstruck. And… I think this one is just about what you’d expect from seeing those three, strangely enough.

Oh, wow. A budget of USD23M. I would have guessed a fifth of that. I’m rolling the die again.

But at least it’s got plenty of actors that are fun to watch.

Geez! How come it’s always more fun to write comments about bad movies than good movies?

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