TSP2019: The Souvenir

The Souvenir. Joanna Hogg. 2019.

Hey! We’re back with our sorta-yearly “what has that Swinton woman been up to since last we checked?” This year, we have … about half a dozen movies? So she’s been busy.

First off a movie by Joanna Hogg? That name seems so familiar to me that I assumed that I had seen a bunch of her movies, but apparently not…

[an hour passes]

It’s very Rohmer in the way that it’s not clear what it’s going to be about… It’s not very Rohmer in the way that it’s all meta: It’s about a woman in film school, so we get to hear some bits from the teachers that also seem to apply to the movie I’m watching.

I love movies about making movies, but it’s not a genre that endears itself to a whole lot of people, so I’m not surprised at this tomatometer:

[the end]

Very meta. I just googled, and apparently Tilda Swinton performed in Joanna Hogg’s graduation movie in film school? And the woman playing the central character name is Honor Swinton Byrne, so I’m guessing that’s her daughter? And the in one of the scenes, the professor reiterates that she should make a movie about what she knows? So is this an autobiographical movie by Hogg?


Oh… There’s going to be another part? Well, I’m there.

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