The Tilda Swinton Project Reloaded

When I decided to watch all the films Tilda Swinton had appeared in (because reasons) I used imdb as the primary source for her appearances.  I also added a couple I found on her Wikipedia page, but I assumed that imdb had virtually everything of interest.

But then I discovered the 1989 longish short “Cycling the Frame” as the extra on the 2009 film The Invisible Frame.  It seemed pretty interesting!  My faith was shattered!


So I downloaded the raw imdb data, and there were about 2x more Tilda Swinton entries there than on the web page!

*goes out and buys pearls to have something to clutch*

But it turns out that most of the extra stuff is unlisted for good reasons.  Here’s how it begins:

1976 "La nuit des Césars" {32ème nuit des Césars (#1.32)} [Herself]
1976 "La nuit des Césars" {34ème nuit des Césars (#1.34)} [Herself]
1979 "CBS News Sunday Morning" {(2008-10-12)} (archive footage) [Herself]
1981 "Entertainment Tonight" {(2008-02-26)} [Herself]
1981 "Entertainment Tonight" {(2008-08-15)} [Herself]
1981 "Entertainment Tonight" {(2008-12-09)} [Herself]
1984 "30 minuts" {La catifa indiscreta} [Herself]
1984 "Cinema 3" {(2009-02-28)} [Herself]
1984 "Cinema 3" {(2011-05-19)} [Herself]
1984 "Cinema 3" {(2012-03-15)} [Herself]
1984 "Cinema 3" {(2013-05-30)} [Herself]
1984 "Cinema 3" {(2014-06-12)} [Herself]
1987 "The Media Show" {(#3.10)} [Herself]
1987 "The Media Show" {Edward II (#8.9)} [Herself]
1991 "Charlie Rose" {(2002-01-10)} [Herself - Guest]
1991 "Charlie Rose" {(2004-04-16)} [Herself - Guest]
1991 "Charlie Rose" {(2010-06-21)} [Herself - Guest]
1991 "Charlie Rose" {(2012-02-01)} [Herself - Guest]

Lots and lots of appearances on award shows, talk shows and the like.  Understandably suppressed by imdb on their web pages.

However, there were about 20 films (mostly shorts and documentaries) that seemed interesting (basically everything that’s not a talk show appearance, mention in a film programme, or appearance in a DVD commentary), so I got the ones that were gettable.  I think they’ve all arrived now, so this weekend I’m going to watch them.

Even if imdb didn’t find them worthy of listing on their web pages.

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