TSP2020: The Human Voice

This was really good! Swinton and Almodóvar should work together more! And that’s totally what I want my next apt. to look like. I mean, a fake house in the middle of a big hangar. I’d love that. Yes, yes, I know, it’s all metaphorical and stuff, but I still want it.

It’s gorgeously shot, Swinton is great, and it’s great fun. (And a bit touching.)

I wasn’t able to get this through any of my usual channels, but then a kind reader notified me that it seemed to be totally available? And indeed:

From everywhere! What!

But only in the UK. Here’s the results from Norway:

Not available here. I guess I could VPN over to the UK, but… eh… I’ve let all my VPN setup elapse, so… I just downloaded it from the torrents. Sorry, Pedro! I can send you five pounds via Paypal? Or whatever?

I think we all imagined that these regional rights issues would just disappear in this brave new world, but… nope. Still too much money tied up in those systems, so it probably won’t happen for a couple of decades still.

The Human Voice. Pedro Almodóvar. 2020.

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    1. Thanks! It looks like it’s… er… only available in certain territories? But I should be able to use a VPN to fool one of these services. Thanks again.

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