TSP2021: What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?

I’ve watched a substantial portion of the Marvel superhero thing, but I’m pretty much over it now (as apparently is the rest of the world). I did not watch this, because I’m just really annoyed by modern animation.

But apparently Tilda Swinton does some voice-over stuff for The Ancient One (reprising her Doctor Strange role), so I guess I have to watch it.

And, yes, this animation is pretty annoying. Bobble-headed figures and very uncanny-looking movements — like if I’m really watching a video game cut scene that’s just been rendered to resemble animation.

Oh, I thought they meant that he… lost his heart. Like Iron Man. But it was just his girlfriend that died.

So euphemism.

I think Swinton just delivered her line.

Didn’t Dr. Strange stop being a surgeon because of the damage to his hands? But he still stopped doing surgeries, just because he’s moping around?

I guess I’m surprised at how boring this Groundhog Day variation is. It’s just so … rote.

There’s repartee and stuff, but it’s all stuff everybody’s heard before. I think ChatGPT would be more original than this.

Why is this 35 minutes long? It’s just incredibly boring.



This is brutally boring. A plot you’ve seen a hundred times before, with no new twists — the only surprising thing is that this is 34 minutes instead of 14.

What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?. Bryan Andrews. 2021.

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