Couture: Ironing

While waiting for the screen to dry, I remembered that I had bought some iron-on transfers when I bought the printer, so I printed out a Gary Panter image on one of them.

IMG_5424I had bought transfers for white fabric (instead of black fabric) by accident, so I got out an old white t-shirt.


IMG_5426It actually kinda works.

IMG_5427But the colours aren’t very vibrant, and the black is kinda gray-ish…

After printing out the transfer, it seems like it starts fading…  How about if I prep everything and then do the transfer immediately?

IMG_5428Nopes.  Still kinda washed-out.  And there’s a kinda of transparent residue where there’s “white”, which is kinda off-putting.

Oh, well.  I didn’t expect these to look as good as they do, so…



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