Couture: Burns Agains

I wanted to do a print that would end at the neck, so when I saw this Charles Burns image, I just went with it.

So hair.

And it just worked.  I used a pretty soft squeegee.

DSC01865But I got a pretty heavy paint deposit around the collar:

DSC01866Looks quite punk, though, so I don’t mind.  But I wonder what I’d have to do to not get the paint bunching up there…  Hm…  Lighter squeegee action?

DSC01873Even worse, I over-cured the paint (with my hot air gun).  Ruined the neck.  Gahh!

DSC01868Ok, try again…


Hey, nice.  That’s dark blue, white, gold and red paints.

DSC01869I thought the likelihood of me totally ruining this shirt was pretty good, so I printed two copies.  The second one in silver, white, yellow and blue.  But both turned out pretty swell.  Whodathunk.  I must finally be getting some kind of control over my squeegee technique…

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