Couture: Hosed

I’m gearing up to do more silk screening this summer, and I’m trying to improve the process from last year.

One major inconvenience was washing out the silks using a shower hose.  To get enough pressure, I put a thumb over the end of the hose, and that worked.  Except that that made everything in the bathroom wet, including me.

So I though about getting a garden hose with a pressure nozzle, and connected it to one of the faucets.  I got the right connectors (from 24mm to 2/3″ (yeah, so confusing)).  But here’s the problem:

DSC01625Garden hoses are so bendy!

After exploring other options (i.e., rummaging through the Cupboard of Mysteries for half an hour), I found this steel band thingie.  It’s kinda bendy, and kinda stiffish.

DSC01626I gaffaed it onto the hose…

DSC01627And result!

DSC01628Much purdy.  So work.

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