Couture: Upholstery

After printing, you can either reclaim the “silk” (i.e. monofilament nylon) by washing and scrubbing a lot, or you can just pop the silk off and staple a new silk onto the frame.

I prefer the latter, because then I can save the silk for imaginary future use.  Yeah, like I’m ever going to reprint any of these shirts…

Anyway, the main problem with stapling silks is unstapling the silks.  A normal staple remover doesn’t work, because the staples dig into the wood, and you have to dig into the wood, too, to extract the staples.

Enter this tool I just got:

Upholstery tool for removing staples

I’ve removed the staples from two frames now, and it works pretty well.  I’ve been using a teensy flat-head screw driver until now, and I’ve been stabbing myself a lot.  This tool gives me a lot more control.  It’s totally stab-free.

But it’s not a wonder tool — removing the staples with this tool is slower than with a screw driver and a pair of pliers.

My arms like the lack of wounds tonight, though, so I’m going to continue using it.

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