Couture: Mass

Today’s experiment was to wash the emulsion off the screen with cold water, but with higher pressure.  (But putting my thumb over the hose.  Hi-tech.)

It worked very well.  I got no wash-off of the exposed areas, which has been a problem before, when I used luke-warm water.  The only problem is that water was spraying all over the bathroom, so I had to do that naked, or change my clothes a lot.

So.  Naked.

And I wanted to try printing several shirts with the same screen, without washing the paint off the screen in between.  That didn’t work very well.  It seems like the paint is drying and clogging the screen in just a few minutes.  It is like 35C here now, so that may explain it…  Or perhaps I should be thinning my paint.

Anyway.  Results!  Two-sided shirts:

IMG_5673It’s from this beautiful two-page spread by Bruno Richard:


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