Couture: White

I’ve only printed onto black shirts so far.  And now I’m out, so I’m doing a white shirt.

I’m using a new can of emulsion, and that clears up all the problems I was having with peeling.

IMG_5620The main difference between printing on lighter fabrics (as opposed to black fabrics) is that you have to print out your transparencies as “positives” instead of “negatives”.  On black fabrics you’re printing the white bits, while on a white fabric you’re printing the black bits.

Positive for printing on light fabric to the left, negative for printing on black fabric to the right

The black ink is a lot more viscous than the inks I’ve been using on black fabrics:

IMG_5621So I pushed through too much ink.  I should have used a single pass, I think.  The black ink covers a lot better than the other inks.

Drawring by Lynda Barry

I then tried printing with a green ink.  It had the same consistency as the black ink, so I just did one pass, and I didn’t flood-fill the screen first:

IMG_5624Much better.


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