Couture: Fans

For each screen, I’m trying to vary things to see whether I can get the turnover time down.  I’m kinda impatient.

This time, I put a fan into the “dark room” toilet where I’m drying the emulsion.  The screens have to be dried horizontally to avoid the emulsion running, so I lifted it up a bit to ensure air flow on both sides.

State-of-the-art darkish toilet room

I checked it after three-four hours, and it was totally tack-less, which is hours faster than without the fan.

Drawing by Frank King

While exposing, I forgot the time, and I exposed for 45 minutes instead of my 35 minute target.  But everything worked pretty well, anyway.

However, working with the thinner black ink is proving somewhat challenging.


I printed this one with one stroke, and it’s too light here and there.  So for the next one, I wanted to do a flood-fill first.

IMG_5629And that let too much ink through.  Way too much. So I should do something … in the middle of those.  Like, one, solid, slow stroke.  Or something.  And apply medium pressure.

Ok, here’s the third attempt:

IMG_5630Much better.  But it’s not perfect.  I’ve gotten some bleed-through to the left of the fringe.  Perhaps I applied the emulsion too thinly?  I did try to get it really even, so perhaps I removed too much…

Whoda thunk that screen printing would be so crafty?



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