Couture: Yolö

Even though the screen printing is going swimmingly, I thought it might be fun to try a  transfer thingie again.  But this time in A3 instead of A4.

I googled a bit, and a store strangely called yolö seemed like a likely supplier.  So I got a 25-pack of transfers, and printed out an image.

These work pretty much like the ones I tried earlier.  You print out into a plastic substrate that you then separate from the paper backing, and then you melt the plastics onto the fabric.

Peeling these are easier said than done.  No matter how I tried to separate the plastics from the paper with my nails, I only managed to tear the paper.

yolo transfer paper tearing

Finally I got out an X-Acto knife and managed to wedge it between the plastic and the paper.  And then it was easy to tear it off and iron it onto the shirt.

Mark Beyer

It’s survived a washing, too, so it seems pretty swell. But they really should have used higher-quality backing paper to make it easier to handle.

For a transfer.

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