Couture: Colours

I don’t really have the set-up to do multi-coloured prints where things are in perfect register.

But I thought that since this screen had clearly separated areas, then I could just mask stuff off, and print each thing separately (or “separately”) with different inks.

Here’s the original Gary Panter cover nailed to the kitchen wall
Masking off the logo and the tag line. I’m masking with a normal packing tape on the “non-well” side of the screen.
Printing the face in white
Then mask off the face
Then I put the ink down under each letter
I used a single squeegee for all the three colours in the logo, which turned out to be awkward, because I usually flip the squeegee over after the “flood fill” pass. Which is obviously impossible here.

The colours in the logo aren’t printed perfectly, because of the aforementioned flip problem, so I didn’t get a sufficient amount of ink through the screen.  But I’m gonna call this a success, anyway.  Hah!

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