Couture: Expired

I’ve been having serious problems getting the emulsion to expose properly the last couple of days.  I’ve had four screens ruined — peeling and stuff.  I tried varying the drying period, the exposure length, and the heat of the water I use to wash the emulsion off with.

IMG_5599 IMG_5600

Then I remembered the emulsion can saying something about not lasting forever.

Sure enough, after mixing, it’s supposed to work for four weeks at room temperature.  And this blow shows that I started making shirts on June 6th, which is more like six weeks ago.


Time to mix up a new batch.  And stick it into the fridge.

I did manage to make a last couple of screens from that can, though, but washing the unexposed bits off was a chore.  But it turned out pretty nice:

Had to tape off some minor bits where too much washed off

And I got a hot air gun to do the curing with.  I’m not quite sure how long to cure, but I gave it a couple of minutes on 300C, and it certainly feels dry.  I hope I’ve not over-cured it — that can apparently make the print brittle.

The cover of Raw number 3 by Gary Panter

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